December 31st, 2003


(no subject)

Occasionally, I realize that for those of you that don't talk to me outside LiveJournal, my life must be awfully confusing. I never really explain what's going on - you're just expected to know.

I'm in New Hampshire. I'm staying with my girlfriend, jpallan. I'm hungry, and I haven't eaten breakfast (or lunch) yet. It's approximately 1pm, even though my computer is telling me it's 11:51am. I have showered, but not done much else.

Tonight, at midnight, I will get to kiss the most wonderful girl in the world, put two wonderful girls to bed, and enjoy a bottle of Champagne that Jess spent entirely too much money on.

There is a cat staring at me as I type this. When you have a wireless keyboard, the bad aspects of using a laptop seem to just go away.

I love Jess. Had I mentioned that lately? Cause I do.

Anyway. If you want more information, just like... talk to me. or something.`And a Happy New Year to everyone! May it bring happymaking things to you like this year has brough to me!