December 26th, 2003


Long Live Peanut

Peanut is dead. Long live Peanut.

For Christmas, I got an expansion EIDE card. This card lets me add another hard drive. I also got a new hard drive. 120 gig. good things, all around.

So, last night, I finally figured out how to access my hard drive on the promise card. (It's acting like a scsi drive instead of an ide drive for some reason I still don't understand.) I got it formatted, I put a filesystem (ReiserFS for those of you playing along at home) on it, I set it up in /etc/fstab.

I rebooted, to make sure everything went okay. This occured around Midnight.

Thus began the long, ardurous task of attempting to reassemble my machine in some semblance of good order. I needed to find a place to put the drive, and I had an empty drive bay. No problem: slide it in, screw it on, done.

Problem 1: Cables in the way. Needed to unplug an entire IDE chain to plug it in. Still didn't work.

Problem 2: Processor in the way. In order to fit into this drive bay, the proecessor would need to be removed - otherwise, there was no way to make it fit. So, I asked for advice. "Should I pull it out, should i do something else", etc. I decided to pull it out. Unclipped it and pulled - eventually, I worked it out without too much force.

Problem 3: Attempt to slide drive in, and find out that front panel stuff is blocking that drive bay so I can't fit it in anyway. At this point, I have a procesor/heat sink combo in my hand, a disk drive in the other, and no place to put the latter.

Decide to screw it, will tape drive to the case if need be. Go to re-place processor.

The ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) lever is beneath the place where the heat sink goes. Fuck.

Decide that it will now be neccesary to remove the heat sink from the processor in order to not bend the hell out of all the pins. Attempt to do so, irregardless of the fact that I will need to respread or buy new thermal glue.

The processor won't move. The glue that's attaching it is a sticky, gluelike substance that won't come apart. Twisting, pulling, prying - none work. The processor refuses to move.

Attempt to heat with a hair dryer, in order to remove - still no luck. That thing is stuck fast.

This morning, father wakes up. Suggests exacto knife. This eventually works, after cutting a gouge in the heat sink in order to be able to pry under the processor. the processor falls off, quite a violent seperation.

Next is removing the... stuff that was attaching it. (I'm fairly certain at this point it's not the same stuff that most people use.) This was done. With sandpaper.

Next is cleaning off all the stuff that got stuck between the pins in the process.

Next is applying new thermal paste - only we don't have any. so, we need to buy some - except the nearest place that sells it is 30 minutes through day after christmas traffic. And we're leaving for my grandparent's house in an hour.

Tomorrow is, I suppose, another day. But for today, Peanut is dead. Long Live Peanut.

On the plus side, he's up to 320 gig of storage space now, under a combination of vfat, reiserfs, ntfs, and ext3 file systems. On the downside, my computer is gutted, and it's a sadly depressing sight.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. I had a great day, and I'm not going to let something as simple as this get me down. I have you guys, I have family, and I have the most wonderful girlfriend in the entire world. And that's all far more important than some computer will ever be.