December 12th, 2003


Visual Tests!

LiveJournal recently added a new part of the creation page that requires you to enter a code from a distorted image.

For those of you wondering whether you can solve the human test on create.bml without creating new accounts: now you can!

The code doesn't work without a blob server, so all of this is a very ugly hack. (I'm not sure if that's by design or just because there hasn't been a lot of time to work all the bugs out yet.) In any case, you can now test your skill at visual decoding at:

AFAIK, the audio doesn't work yet, but I could be wrong. If it does, I'll work on getting that up ASAP as well. In any case, this is the information that I found out in creating that little test page. So, test whether you can identify as not being a spammer!