November 21st, 2003


Phone Post: The bus died.

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“So, I was taking the bus home, and I was supposed to be home around 9:10 PM, um, and about thirty minutes outside of Champaign, the bus decided to die. There was no power, there was no heat, there was no lights. I've been waiting for an hour for a replacement bus which is supposed to be coming from Peoria, I guess, Illini swallow line. And it's still not here, so I'm sitting in the middle of, er, on the shoulder of the highway, watching all these cars go by, wishing I was in one of them heading towards home.

I probably won't be home for an hour, and hour and a half after I'm supposed to be, and it's dark and getting colder. Luckily I'm wearing lots of layers because I couldn't fit them all in my bag, so I just wore like, four shirts.

But, that's okay. Um, yeah, they're sending another bus, so, eventually it should get here, and we can all get off, and get onto the other bus. but that hasn't happened yet. And I was talking on IRC, and I said "Hey, LiveJournal has that cool phone post thing, I can call and make a phone post." So that's what I'm doing.

Jess is at APC, I texted her, called the family, left messages, talked to dad. Said to call him when you get back on the road, I'll figure out where you're going.

Yeah, I think I'll be really tired, when I have to get up at like 4AM for a flight tomorrow. But, for those of you who don't know, I am flying to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving break. I will be out there until next Wednesday and then coming home and spending Thanksgiving with the family. I know I haven't been writing much lately, but that's because I'm lazy as hell and have been working on a lot of stuff.

This week there have been 28 CVS commits that were related to things I had done in Zilla. So I'm feeling kind of proud about that! My database project did get done, at least the screenshots, it's not complete yet. But, yeah.

So, yeah! This is just the obligatory phone post from stranded on the side of the road. [sigh] What a pain.”

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Phone Post: OMG I'm going to see Jess!!!

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“Hey, so, uh, I got a bus, I got on my way, just got past Chicago Ridge Mall and I'm *totally* freaking out because it's, like... Holy cow, in, like, twelve hours I'm going to be back in New Hampshire, and I'm flying, and I *never* fly, but I'll see Jess; I'm like, Aaahh! I'm so insane right now! I miss her so much because she's just so wonderful and I'm mumbling and you guys will have *no* idea what I'm saying but, yeah. Jess is wonderful and I get to see her and I'm like totally, like, practically bouncing in my chair and I'm not, 'cause I'm really tired and I really need to sleep but, um, yeah. I just want to be, like, on a plane, tomorrow morning, and "Oh my God! I get to see Jess!". Aaahh, it's absolutely insane. Jess, I love you; I love you, I love you, I love you. You're so wonderful. Um, I hope the show went okay. Sorry for, like, the phone call messing up thing, but, yeah. I will call when—yeah, I will call Jess when I get home because I'm a total flake, you know, we're talking on the phone, "Oh my *God*, I'll finally see her again," and I'm totally, yeah. Aaahh! Aaah.

Okay. I'm... I'm all sane. I swear to God.

Jess is wonderful. You should all go, like, give her cookies. Or something. Yeah, cookies. Because I'll be taking care of the other things tomorrow. Yeah.

Ah, that's it. I guess. Yeah, PhonePost. From me. Eeeee!”

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