November 13th, 2003


Phone Post: I missed my lab.

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“So last night, jc, jayo, lj user, you know, that guy, was talking about how, uh, you know, he didn't wanna go to bed 'cause he know as soon as he did, PhonePost was going to go live; he was gonna miss it. And I said, you know, Murphy's Law. No matter what happens, you are going to miss it. You know, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Um. And so, he's like, 'Yeah, you're right.' And he went to bed. And so, you know, I really wasn't all that worried about it, I figured it was going to be a whole lot later. The whole changing to ogg thing kinda pushed things back a little bit.

And then, at like, 4:30 in the morning, my time, central time, Rahaeli was on IRC, and she's like, talking about how she needed someone to post in HowTo. And, uh, you know, I took that to mean, well, the HowTo userdoc post that she was working on, the ogg one, was needed to go live, needed to go included, you know, to be referred to. Cause PhonePost went live. She kind of confirmed that. She said, I could read her mind, which, apparently is true. I don't know. I'm fairly decent at discerning things given fairly limited context, but that's generally a difficult thing in my opinion.

Anyway, so, uh, you know, I tried to stay up for like, an hour and a half, and ended up staying up until five thirty in the morning. I was supposed to get up at seven-thirty and go to class, and all that junk, but uh, I went to bed. You know, whatever, Murphy's law. And, so, went to bed. Woke up, 9:53, my alarm was off, I had no idea how that happened. Um, and I had ATE lab, that I missed; I flunked the class. In seven minutes. And so, uh, yeah, I was a bit concerned about that.

But, totally missed out on all the, uh, beginning PhonePost stuff, and, uh, Murphy's Law, did it again. But, did make it to lab, and I got through it okay, worked with BJT's, those British Junction Fan Sisters, whatever they're called. And, uh, got all that done so, this is crschmidt, and this has been a phone post.”

Transcribed by: hill_the_khore

Phone posts?

(I wrote this last night, and was going to post it before I went to bed, but then the "going live" thing wasn't assured, so yeah. Anyway, this has some whining [plus some decent information on phone posts.)

Open a support request about phone posting, and die.

I'm sure that there will be far far too many as it is. Trust me, if you know about it, so do 2000 other people. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake.

(Yeah, that means I have strong indications it will be live soon, which hopefully means it wont' die right away. however, there are about 50,000 people who will have access to it, and even if 1/10 of them uses it, that's 5,000 people calling one poor little computer.)

Ogg vorbis files play in winamp. howto_userdoc post at has more information on how to get them to play. Linux users, xmms should have an ogg plugin. If not, try mplayer. if not, look for ogg123. if none of those, google and install :P
Why ogg is being used. Basically, mp3s cost money to create. Not for you, but for anyone making profits off them. So, no Mp3s. Maybe later. If people decide ogg really isn't working out. I doubt it. Don't hold your breath.

It's paid account only. No freebies. There will be issues. You can't test, even with an entire development core, as well as 1000 users.