October 24th, 2003


This week

I haven't been posting much of substance lately. Rather than this fact being due to a lack of things to talk about, it's been because I have too many things to talk about. Not even a lack of time to say them, but a lack of organization to put the facts of the matter out onto paper. There's also the fact that because such a large majority of my friends circle has and uses LiveJournal (down to even my roomate now, which is interesting - this is the guy who I made an account for because he refused to and told me he'd never use it) I worry about what I should and shouldn't say. I don't mind sharing most of my life, but lots of other people have very stringent issues with their privacy. So, I'll see what I can get out to try and help you people understand what exactly is going on in my crazy life. (In reality, it's not all that crazy, but that's very much besides the point, kthx.)

Saturday, I went to Great America. This was a wonderful trip, filled with fun times with fun people. At the start of the day, I was literally bouncing all over the parking lot because it was so great to be back. I started the day wandering with a bunch of Allenites. We rode the whizzer, Viper, and Raging bull, as well as the River Rocker and Giant Drop before we headed to lunch. After lunch, I met up with Sarah (pie_is_good) to ride roller coasters for the rest of the day.

First, I'd like to say that the weather was absolutely perfect - clear blue sky, cool but not cold, wonderful with the sun shining down on us. Secondly, I'd like to say that this is the absolute WORST time ever to be at Great America on a Saturday. I have, to be perfectly honest, NEVER seen lines as long as I did last week. The line for Batman was approaching 3.5 hours, which is longer than I saw it opening year in 1992. (Yes, I do remember when Batman: The Ride opened, and it was advertised as the brand new thing in coasters: a suspended coaster!) Deja Vu was 2.75 hours, Even Iron Wolf (labeled Iron Werewolf for the Fright Fest) had a line of more than an hour.

Because Sarah and I have been so many times before, we felt no need to wait in line for these ridiculous amounts of time, so we decided instead to ride little rides - we hit American Eagle, but then went to Hometown Fun Machine (always a classic) and the Condor. After this, we found Sarah's parents and went out to TGI Friday's for dinner. I got the Shrimp there, which reminded me so much of Jess - I remember the day we went to Hampton Beach. She was exhausted and we went to Friday's, where she collapsed with a Rum and Coke while I had a nice shrimp meal. One of the nice things about having my own money is that I don't feel bad spending it. It is mine, I did earn it, and I"ll spend the extra $3 on shrimp if I want to.

We got back to the park, and the lines were STILL insanely long. We rode Fiddlers Fling... it's an imitation tilt-a-whirl, and let me tell you... that thing goes FAST. I'm talking 3, 4 gravities of acceleration, at a guess. I could be wrong, but it literally reminded me of the Cajun Cliffhanger, back in the day. Sarah claims we had ridden it before, but I do not ever remember being that SMASHED up against the wall. (Note to self - next time, she can get smashed. :P)

Anyway, we did that, then we went out to Iron Wolf, which we decided to actually wait in line for. In the line, we saw another guy who had my phone. I pointed out to him how to turn on bluetooth, and for the entire time in line, we sent contact information, pictures, and other things back and forth. Eventually, I was playing Snake Ex against him/his girlfriend... from 30 feet away. Bluetooth is a very neat technology for things like that. Since then, I've actually found a couple other devices with bluetooth enabled and broadcasting - I always send them contact information, but I've never had anyone contact me back at all. So sad ;)

We rode Iron Wolf, pitch black, TONS of fun. I love that coaster. B&M rocks. American eagle, also in the dark. Then we walked Sarah back to the front to say goodbye to her and let her family take her. As we were walking over, I gave her a hug, and some random kid ran up behind me and gave me a hug - it was kind of amusing ;) Said bye to her family, then I went in, did a run on Demon, and went back to the Bus - a decent day, simply because of how gorgeous it was.

Monday and Tuesday I had 3 exams. Killed me, quite literally. But I think I did decent on them - I didn't fail my physics final, so I probably did decently in the class, and the geog and CS ones I felt like i had a good grasp on, so we'll see. Tuesday night, worked 4 hours as a nettech: 1 hour sitemanger meeting, one hour in the lab, then 2 hours closing tickets - closed out 10, allen hall was down to 11 open yesterday, 10 today, I'll get another one or two closed tonight and hopefully head over to PAR/FAR this weekend to get some hours in. At the nettech meeting, i got congratulated by a bunch of people for it. And no, it's not Bo or Michael's doing, for the most part, kthx :P

Last night, got back from the meeting, killed some time here, then went to the front porch and did some Pumpkin Pie eating. Pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite pie in the world. (Jess, take that as a note for when I come out - it's usually cheap around Turkey Day. ;) ) Hung out with Maryam (asma) last night for a while, then did a late night run, came back, hung out with Christy (littledownpour) then just crashed at like 1, got up this morning, and went to Geog discussion - took a bunch of decent notes on a video on deforestation, so I'll have a lot to talk about next week in discussion, which should be good. Got back the paper Jess and I worked on - 95, which is good. I'm very thankful that she helped me ;)

Should be going out with Neil and some friends tonight like Paul and he and I did a couple nights ago.

This is long, but Jess bugged me for a post, so ya'll have to deal with it. Skip it if you like - it's fairly boring. That's all.
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