October 16th, 2003


Charm Posting

So, I'm editing a post in nano, because neil was complaining how LogJam sounds like a program that would end up putting lots of logs on your computer. I had to explain to him that 1. It doesn't, and 2. there are other clients. I got interested in how a command line client would work. So, I downloaded Charm and am posting with it.

I've changed my default icon to be not this one, but it seemed appropriate on this post.

My cell phone can now control my MP3 player from up to approximately 10 meters away.

Life has been interesting, but nothing that I can or should discuss in public posts.

Movie night tonight, 355 Allen, if you're interested in hanging out. 8pm, Fight Club, subsequently Clockwork Orange, and Pulp Fiction.

I bet this will post with lots of line breaks that I really don't want, and I'll have to edit it, because that's how nano edits files. I really need to learn VIM.

Edit: It did. Fixed now. I also apparently don't have metadata support in my replypages, which is dumb.
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