September 17th, 2003


Last night, McKillme

"100 packets sent, 0 packets recieved, 100% loss"

Damn URHnet maintenance.

Last night was fun - had 5 people hanging out in my room for most of the night. Paul was over here doing homework, Neil was doing homework, and I was doing homework (yes, they all were the same assignment). Michael Jaques stopped by and hung out, along with Moses.

We had 3 people on gentoo in the room at the same time. Impressive.

After that I was feeling bored, so I wandered around and found Stacey (siren52684). She hadn't yet seen the breifcase, and it was out because of Paul doing homework on it, so I brought her upstairs, where we started watching "bound" on it. (We got through most of the steamy lesbian sex scenes, but not much more.) She decided to go home around 2am, and I just browsed through my movies for a while.

Watched about one minute of pulp fiction - the first time he quotes the bible, just because I felt like it, then crashed.

Now, I'm having lots of allergy problems. Runny nose, sneezing, hard to breathe, etc. I need to go to McKillme and get some meds, but they're not open til 8:30 and I have class at 8.

So yes. Boring. Should go now. Sleep or get ready for class or something.