September 7th, 2003


Dvorak v. Qwerty

So, earlier today, I was cleaning off my keyboard, which neccesitated
taking all my keys off the keyboard.

I was about to put them back on, when I decided - hey, why not mess with
people's minds? I don't need to look at the keys.

I mentioned this aloud, and Neil responded that I should switch them to
dvorak layout. Being the sadistic person I am, I did. So, now my
keyboard, instead of starting in the upper left with qwerty, starts with

The funniest part of this was earlier tonight. Paul is used to typing on
Dvorak layout, and was trying to use my keyboard to check something on
his machine, or try something out, I'm not quite sure. In any case, he
sat down, and tried to figure out how to use it - and got utterly

Knowing that he has a part of his bashrc script that manages such things
for him, he attempted to login to his machine. However, since all the
keys are in the wrong place, he had a lot of trouble typing in:


and entering his password.

In dvorak, hitting those same locations would result in:

ood .bfancro@.bfancrovfcvrpi

As you can see, they are significantly different.

Paul was slightly off tonight. He claims he wasn't drunk, but he was
slurring his words to hell, and he had a lot of trouble with that.

It was just amusing ;)

I told Jess I was going to bed an hour ago. Stopped by the bathroom and
got dragged down to hang out with a desk clerk for an hour. I'm back
now, and it's time to sleeeeep.

G'night, world.