July 4th, 2003


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todo list:

no particular order.

write jess/kam slash.interrogate rho
talk to parents about getting home from new hampshire.
write ESN code to send email on new journal entries.
look into getting a cell phone before the trip.
clean my room.
start figuring out what the hell to pack for school.

dammitnicole: as far as i can tell, your current journal style isn't public. If you could make it so, that would rock and make things infinitely easier for me to work with ;)

Probably going to be leaving home july 21st for, basically, the rest of the summer. a week in seattle, a week on the east coast, and travel inbetween. so. just mentioning that.

i want a cell phone that has the ability to connect to the internet, preferably with an irc and aim client, and the abilty to be used as a dialup device. I want free nights and weekends, and nationwide long distance and nationwide coverage. I'll probably make a more detailed post when i'm not falling asleep, but if anyone has any advice, that'd rock.

Note that it doesn't have to have a camera, like supersat's, nor does it actually have to run PalmOS and all entailed software like alacrity's does.

Time and price are most likely off the essence.

Time till mark gets here: 2wks 3days 13hrs 5mins 46secs (6pm, July 21st)
Time til I get to see Jess again: 4wks 3days 4hrs 5mins 44secs (10am local time, Aug 4th)

Full explanation of the trip coming up after I talk to my parents and deal with them trying to talk me out of it tomorrow.

Happy fourth everyone! If you're in the US, celebrate the independance of your country by blowing up a small part of it.

fracturedfaerie and mysweetrapture: I'm very glad that you're both doing better. It's a good thing.

fall down go boom.