June 30th, 2003



My interests list needs serious redoing.

Jess has left Seattle and is now somewhere in transit.

eee. she's on the phone. And I'm talking to her and it's all eee and stuff. I should be taking a nap right now because I just told her I would but I don't want to nap I just want to bounce. But now she's off the phone because i should be sleeping. And I should be. Because I'm working 11.5 hours tonight (4pm-3;30am) and i'll be exhausted if I don't sleep because i've only had about 4 hours today so far.

We have a new car! *splodey splodey* A 2003 VW passat! http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~crschmid/passat/ It's pretty. Really pretty. and it scares the hell out of me. I cruised in it for a bit... one, the shift is so different, two, the car just wants to GO. It gets to 50mph and acts like it wanst to go double that. My dad said it feels the same way at 100 :)

I met aabashenya and sheeselectric at the mall on Saturday. Woodfield. It was funny to follow around two HP fandom chicks for a day ;) There was a scary man at the bus stop who was scaring me. Creepy creepy. I got hugs! I like hugs.

There is planning going on for an evil thing to take over the world! or something. Actually, I think that I'm just planning on writing kamara/jpallan slash. That's pretty evil if you ask me ;) I've never written smutfic before, but I'd be happy to try. and it's fun ;)

School is in less than two months. I called telyni the other day and talked for a bit, and I've been keeping in touch with musicbox1983. I can't wait to get back to school and hang out with people.

I think I'm going to go for a dip in the pool if i can. It should cool me off a bit, and I'm kinda sweaty.

I want to hang out with people in shampoo-bannaa! I want to hang out with juniperesque and newperspectives! I want to have a dorm room! I want to see littledownpour again! I miss her! I want to climb trees. I want to be back to home. This isn't home anymore.

But there's some other things that I need to do first. I need to travel this summer, see sights and people/places.

I also need to get off my lazy ass and do plogs work. LAZY CHRIS DO WORK KTHX.

I think my s2 style is done. Nicole, I'll email you this weekend for info I might need about your style-thingy, if not before.

oh, and if i hadn't mentioned it, I'm definitely living with ndrumm next semester.

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