May 4th, 2003


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Things I've done with S2 I couldn't have done with S1:
- Per-Entry userpics on Most Recent Entries
- Calendar View on Lastn
- Trimmed subjects List on lastn
- Month Page view
- Entry Page view (pretty much complete)
- Had a shitload of fun ;)

I'm still waiting for peanut to get moved to the "mostly closed" firewall group at school.

Hung out with Christy tonight. Watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch (I finally know where ryanbyers default icon comes form!) on her laptop, which was a fun experience.

Also went to church at 5, and came back to allen afterwards and ate dinner.

Bunches of neat emails lately.

I got a job as a peer computer consultant next semester! It's not a whole lot of money, but it's something I can handle while still doing school work and not get swamped. Basically, I'll be helping out with the people in the computer labs who can't figure out that the floppy drive is not the zip drive, and vice versa ;)

I'm really excited for this. It's a bit of extra cash, and it's something I'm good at (helping out with computers) so I'm very much looking forward to it. I can use the extra cash. Who knows, maybe I'll save some of it and work on having enough money to do a sublet here next summer.

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University sent out a nice "hey, mp3s are bad mmkay?" email to everyone on campus. Since I haven't really bothered to read it, you can probably Collapse ) if you like, it's just talking about sharing stuff on the network and so on.

Speaking of the network, I'm still waiting to get a response back from CITES on moving to the MC firewall so that peanut is accessable again. For the time being, I'm using heterosapiens for most of my storage, thanks to roy.

Oh, because of the job thing, I can't be an i-guide next semester. That's kind of not cool - i was looking forward to helping people move in and helping out with that and maybe meeting some people, but such is life.

I need to start cleaning this room up and organizing stuff for packing and so on.

And now on a more emotional level, here's Collapse )

I have no idea how long this is, or how rambly. I'll probably post a copy of my Japanese culture paper tomorrow for editing after I look over it. it's about 1300 words, but it'll need a shitload of editing.

Bed time, I think. if i can get megan and sergio to shut up and turn off the lights.

EALC Paper

I'm working on another EALC paper. This is where it is at the moment. It's about 1300 words, and needs a fair amount of editing. if you feel like reading it, please leave a comment, even if it's just "I read it". It's good to know it's been looked over. Feel free to be completely brutal with any comments you may have. It's not perfect yet, but it's starting to take shape. Feel free to say anything you want. Editing for grammar will probably drive you nuts, so you might not want to do that. ;)

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