April 24th, 2003


Entry now yes not lj-dev

I'm an idiot. Thank god for moderated communities.

After fucking up a post a couple time, Semagic got left on "lj_dev" as the "journal to post in". Because of that, I got all mixed up, and when I attempted to post this entry, it went to lj_dev.

However! Because of the new community moderation put in not too long ago, I got saved! The following entry was not seen by the public, and instead rejected due to the fact that it seemed like a "personal entry" (amazing, since it WAS).

Exam 1: Phys 112, 5:15-6:45
Exam 2: CS225, 7:00-8:15

Then D&D til midnight.

ANd I haven't eaten anything yet today.

I'm fucked.

My journal is now S2, and it looks pretty good. Ya'll should go check it out. Peace, I'm outta here. Have a good night.

juniperesque: Thanks for stopping by, and sorry I wasn't here. I got your message on my board (obviously) but wasn't around. As mentioned in this entry that I TRIED To post before I left, I was gone from 5:15 to 8:15 test taking, and then I headed out to a D&D session taht went entirely later than it should. We started an hour and a half long battle at midnight (when we were AT a stopping point) and then we all had to level up - I just got back 20 minutes ago ;)

I have a coupel things written up in my calculator (a to-do with S2 list and a journal entry I typed after my physics exam), so I'll put those up soon or something. Yes.

To whoever rejected my lj-dev post - sorry for looking like an idiot. And thanks for rejecting it :)

[irc] s2

[11:42:11] * christopher kicks s2.
[11:42:15] <christopher> DO WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO!
[11:42:31] * Isabeau is now known as s2
[11:42:33] <s2> No!
[11:42:36] * s2 bites chris!
[11:42:38] * s2 is now known as Isabeau
[11:42:40] * christopher cries.
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s2 - wyvernbitch - dsite

I have been updating way more than usual lately. I blame it largely on typing too much on this damn calculator.

I bombed this test. I could still try to do more work on it, but there comes a time when more work just doesn't help, and I'm past that point. *sigh* I actually studied somewhere between 5 and 10 hours on it since Sunday,d which is a ton for me. Still, I ended up spending a lot of time just staring at the thing. On the other hand, I scanned the topic list for my 225 exam and felt fairly confident I'd do well (which I didn't for this) with almost no studying. I guess I know where my real skills lie, n this case. (These 126 words typed in 7 minutes - 18 wpm)

So, as I've been spamming you all with all day, S2 styles are here. S2 is the "new" style system that Brad has been discussing for the past 3 years. It's more flexible and powerful than the original system, although it's a bit harder to use as a result of that. I have my current style online at http://peanut.sytes.net/lj/s2.htm . It's actually a quite neat system, although I'm not sure if I understand why it took 3 years to complete.

----- BREAK FOR 18 hours -----

Mark is going to teach me to use dsite either tonight or this weekend. This is a Very Good Thing for plogs, because it means I can use it to update the site. This is good for a couple reasons. First, the tool runs better with fewer changes to code, which means that the more often it runs, the easier it runs. Secondly, it means we will have two people who can update the site. With Mark's connection being less->nonexistant starting in May, having a second in command who can keep the site up and running is a very good thing (as previously stated). He showed me "screen" last night, which is a command that lets us both be in the same window at the same time (a major plus).

juniperesque (i just love that name) stopped by my room today for about a half hour before my math class today. She's quite nifty. We talked about everything from standardized testing to piercings, from the godliness of medion (oh wait, that was just me bragging) tohow I just want to work with computers (but not just be a sysadmin).

Mark has been networking with people in a bunch of ways for his GDC project and plugging Plogs pretty well. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, we haven't had too many people actually buying Plogs lately. We're working with a couple sites: egoplanet is one of them, and Alex McKlintock's DiverseBooks is another. The problem is that we're not really getting far fast. EgoPlanet basically wants us to help them maintain their own server. I'd really prefer not to do that for them, for a bunch of reasons. Most importantly, though, I don't want to have to deal with other people's policies and decisions in creating benefits and so on. I've dealt with power hungry control freaks before, and i just don't like it. The reason we started this site was to create a business oriented site that wasn't ruled by that kind of person.

Blah, this entry has no point anymore, and I'm mucho tired from not getting enough sleep. I'll probably spam your friend s pages some more later. Oh, and if you wnat to drop me because I'm posting too much, feel free. Lately, I've been annoying ME with how much I post. Ridiculous, seriously.
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As some of you know, and most of you don't, in the school newspaper (a daily), we have a weekly "shoutouts" section where you can email in 40 words to get printed in the paper.

For the past month there have been back and forth things saying "why can't nice girls find nice guys?". Today, someone put one in that said "nice girls meet nice guys - in front of Lincoln Theater tonight at 8pm". Do I go, or not?

Poll #127868 Nice girls meet nice guys

Am I a nice Guy?


Should I go?


And the new poll creator is pretty nifty, you're right.