April 9th, 2003


I like me

I haven't made a post in this filter for a long time, and it's mostly because I haven't needed to.

I'm happy. For the first time in a long time, I seem to be enjoying myself. I like life, and although I still whine, bitch and moan, I'm enjoying myself.

I'm confident in myself, and I'm being productive. I'm smart, hardworking, and earnest in my studies. (well, maybe that's a bit of an exageration :)). I'm just... happy.

I owe a lot of this to my Lenten resolution. I think that I have made a strong effort to improve my attitude, and... its worked. and goddamnit, i'm happy.

not posting this one to the filter where it belongs, because i just don't want to. I'm plenty happy just telling you all I'm a great person. Because goddamnit, I am.

To steal a phrase from the abuse team manager: If it's written, it's not slander, it's libel. and if it's true? it's neither ;)
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