April 4th, 2003



It's 7.50 am and i've been awake for 20 minutes.


*cough* excuse me.

So, before class, I really need to edit my paper (see the previous entry for more information. And edit it ;))

Last night... oh boy. So I was working on my paper, right? And around 9 i decided i needed a break: the paper was coming along nicely, I had 3.5 pages done, etc. everything was going fairly okay. So I figured I'd take a break. chill out for a bit, catch up on IRC, etc.

And we started talking about how I pronounce names. It started because emma was "semi not here" and i was thinking what emm and semi combined would be, and i realized it was like "sema". So I said "sema rhymes with emma" and people started to disagree. I pronounce the following names incorrectly:
avva, sema, isabeau, rahaeli, bertho, nyxie (i think? she didn't confirm or deny). So, I went through and did all that. (http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/names.mp3 , http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/names2.mp3). then, it just kept going from there. I was having fun and REALLY didn't want to work on my paper so I started recording random sound files. I didn't have a decent one of my voice, so i made a new one. (http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/chris2.mp3) and I still wasn't ready to go back to my paper. So, I started to moo, then I told some stories. I told the everlasting cow story, the cheese story, and a little diddy about icecream. I then started to talk about how i'm not gay, and everyone loves to hear about Spratt's flying pig. From there, I moved on to talking about people. From Isa to bubba to mortaine, I told a bit about them. there was, of course, my sound reply to doug, explaining that I'm NOT psycho, despite his protestations. I gave halfawake a piece of what i think of him, and gave jaz a bit of what i think of her. Janine is just a great person all around, and we can't forget the cryptic sister themselves, who couldn't decide individually whether they wanted a sound file or not. as a result they got a combined one.

So that was my night last night. Oh, and adcott? You sound like john lennon. I even said so.

Oh, and if you haven't heard them before, I recorded a sound file of my voice, as well as me singing "never there" by cake, and this is how we do it by montell jordan.

Ever wanted to hate kylecool just a little bit more? Now you can hate his voice too!

And for those of you who missed it before: I was once called the "C-man" on live radio. Don't believe me? listen to it!

And now I go for breakfast!

(if you can't play mp3s, most files are also available as wavs. http://peanut.sytes.net/voices/ lists the files.)
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