February 17th, 2003


Heading back to school

I didn't smoke or drink to reason with my head...

A long weekend. Thrills, Chills, and spills. Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Okay, so I just felt like pretending to advertise for a monster track rally. Also, I haven't written in cursive for a long time. Looking at my horrible handwriting, I know why. (One of the "benefits" of me writing entries by hand is you get some nice longhand tidbits).

This weekend is (was?) my grandmothers birthday. I went home to be with family, and to get Things Done ™ that I hadn't done before that I should have. It was also Valentines Day, so I decided before I left that I would try to have a good time with Sarah, because she was my best single friend.

After making a mistake about the time of the bus (I thought it was 1:45, it was really 2:10) and needing to kill 15 more minutes at home, I got on the bus.

It was an uneventful ride back home. The snow that had been promised never arrived, meaning we spent an hour or so driving through dirty rain, and we were dry the rest of the way.

When we got to oakbrook, everyone filed off the bus. By the time I got ouff there were about 10 people standing in front of the under-bus luggage bin. I think they were waiting for someone to unload their luggage, or hoping it would leap off the bus into their hands. Remembering that I had tossed my bag as far back as possible upon departure, I knew I had to do something if I didn't want to wait in the cold for 10 more minuties. I walked up and started unloading bags onto the curb, hoping someone would follow my lead and lenda hand. I continued pushing bags from far back to the curb, with various helpers, until I got every last bag out from the bus. This meant that I spent 3-4 minutes inside the luggage bin, just pushing bags forward so other people could have them. All because most people are simply too lazy to pull out anyone else's bags, even to get their own.

Waited for dad to show up, got home, spent 30 minutes with family while they prepared to go to Cwian's for dinner. Pulled out the little teddy bear I got for Sarah, and took off to pick her up.

My plan for the evening had been to have an evening at Bakers square, fololowed by a move at Arcada. (Harry met Sally was playing at 8). Not a perfect evening, but okay for two friends sharing a Valentines Day.

I presented her with the bear, which she loved. I only found out later how sad she was because she thought she wouldn't be getting anything.

We went out to Dinner, and had a great time with a very good waiter. We headed to Arcada only to find out the movie was the weekly "brew-vie": 21+ only, because alcohol is served.

We rented "about a boy" at block buster, and watched that instead. Very cute movie. I realized about 15 minutes in that I had read the book, but it was still definitely worth teh watch. Hugh grant was playing a less "stiff" role, which was interesting. Also, Sarah and I both want British accents now: next time someone sees them on sale, drop me a line.

I had to leave around 11, after enjoying a wonderful V-day. Best ever for me, since usually I sit around the house moping.

Saturday was mostly boring. I had stayed up late trying to do homework so I woke up kind of late (9am) Played quite a bit of DDR Max (I'm starting to get pretty good!) and had to help deal with a popped tired on the Cadillac. Went and watched Beautiful mind and part of a DMB concert on DVD with Sarah. DIdn't get a chance to hang out with Erin, unfortunately, but such is life. Damn relationships, always getting in the way ;)

Finished my CS 231 Homework, which was a Very Good Thing. Very good fran was here this weekend, otherwise I probably would have skipped the friday review session. That would have made all the difference in me getting this thing done ;)

Did some work on plogs too: I need to get some more "LiveJournal" Stripping done. However, the site is in an almost usable form now, which is really nice. The design is amazing: I love how it's not a modified dystopia like every other friggin scheme on every LJ clone.

Sunday was spetn preparing, going, and returning from Oma's house, entirely. Not at all exciting, and I wish I could have brought myself to write or do homework or something useful. However, I did not, and I continue that trend as I write this.

Now I'm sitting on the bus, watching the snow on the side of the road get deeper as we head farther south, and listening to last year's prom theme on repeat over and over (for the last hour anyway).

All in all, a very good weekend. It was fun for the most part, and I got a lot of stuff done/together, which was nice.

I can't wait to be back though. As much as I sometimes love being home, I love coming back a lot too. Crappy food, lonliness, and all, school is my home, and it's always nice to come home.

Happy Monday everyone.

(Written 11.30pm, Sunday, February 16th, 2003)
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physics, my day.

Physics is done. Thank the heavens.

I've spent my entire day working on some kind of homework. This is probably one of my more productive days. I got through most of physics (waiting for some help from neil on one more problem.) I also spent 2 hours doing Math225 homework which is due tomorrow, which is a good thing. I turned in my CS231 MP (the next assignment is out tonight, but I'm not looking at that now).

Hmm. I need to brush my teeth.

Anyway, woke up around 9:15 to my alarm. Just as I was trying to climb back into bed, the phone rung. I decided to pick it up, because I felt like it would help me get awake and stay that way. It was christy, calling to talk a bit while fran was off making phone calls on the pay phone. We talked for a bit, and then I got up out of bed and got on the computer. Printed up the last two parts of my CS231 HW to turn in, which was a good feeling. I'm actually fairly pleased with how they came out. The project was to design a circuit which would take a number from 0-9 in binary and convert it to braille. I had to do it using Normal Minimal Sum Products, NAND gates, Decoders, and Multiplexors. The whole thing can be seen at http://www.students.uiuc.edu/~crschmid/cs231mp1.htm . (about 120k of images, PNGs) It's kind of neat, if you're a dork like me. And it worked! Hopefully I get a good grade.

Let's see... After CS, i came back and started working on physics. Didn't really do much, but got about half done I think. Went to CS225 at 2, and enjoyed another lecture by Bert Jason Zych. He integrated pacman into the lecture for circular arrays (the data goes off one side and wraps around, just like pacman) and we discussed basics of binary/k-ary trees. I fell asleep a couple times :)

After that, I booked my way over to Christy's to do my math homework. I tried to catch the bus, I missed one, the next one was fulll, so I just walked. Made it in 15 minutes. I got there, and they were both just kidn of standing there (christy and fran). I came in and did homework while they did DOA2 for a couple hours. I got all my math done, played one round of DOA2, came back to Allen.

I ate dinner (crap.) came back, and did most of the rest of my physics homework while watching Sarah on my webcam (which is still at her house). I wrote this, caught up with my friends page, and now I think I'm going to take a nap, so I can stay awake for a little bit longer and hopefully get some work done on the EALC paper that's due friday.

I have a couple protected posts to write, but I'm very tired tonight, and I have a lot of homework. I have my phy-sucks exam on Wednesday, plus mps and all that stuff.

I'm just tired. But I have food! Lots of it. and watching a webcam is so helpful when trying to decide how the person you're talking to is feeling. Looking at the person just allows for such easier judgement of how they're feeling, even if it is just over crappy dialup.

Watched the last episode of joe millionaire, (well, the last 15 minutes of it). I'll save spoilers for tomorrow.

You all are wonderful. Very Very wonderful.

And that's all.
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[23:28:59] * thebubba proud fondler
[23:29:07] <thebubba> founder*
[23:29:09] <thebubba> hahahahhaha
[23:29:10] <ComeSeptember> hahaha!!!
[23:29:12] <thebubba> OMG
[23:29:15] <thebubba> that's AWFUL
[23:29:16] <thebubba> HAHAHA
[23:29:17] <Spratt> cheesecake fondler?
[23:29:29] <kristan> cheesecake.. fondler. interesting, bubba.
[23:29:36] <kristan> i always knew you secretly liked it.