February 14th, 2003


LVS Results

Apparently, I'm very well loved!

The LiveJournal Valentine System returned 3 results. The three of you that I did get matches for are all amazing and wonderful people, and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. 3 people very near and dear to me.

To the other 6 (Yes, 6!!), I deeply apologize that I was unable to make a match with any of you. I wish I could have put in more: I'm betting I could have gone well beyond 10-15 people without breaking a sweat.

You guys are all great for self esteem :) Please, if you'd like, feel free to let me know that you wanted to "be my valentine": I've turned off IP logging on this post, so you can post your stuff annonymously, if you'd like. Just put in the exact same stuff you had in your LVS stuff, and I'll love you all forever!

You guys are great. I expected no matches, I just did it on a lark. But talk about boosting my self esteem ;)

I go home today! I'm so excited, but I haven't even started to pack (meep!) So I'm going to go. Happy Valentines Day!
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