January 12th, 2003


Real life

Did you know there are malls where not every store is a clothing store? And... and... the food places actually have their own eating areas, rather than all just being in a food court?

Did you know there's actually a mall within 45 minutes of me that is huge, and the only mall I've ever spent any time in is Charlestowne?

For those of you who don't know, Charlestown Mall, in St. Charles, IL, is dead. Dead as a doornail. They make you think it'd be alive - it's got a fairly nice 18-theater cinema, a Von Maur - but it's dead at the core. There's no interest. There's no kids hanging out there, there's no friendly candy store, or anything fun. This mall, which probably has on a rotating basis an average of about 40 shops open, is home to 17 SPECIALTY CLOTHING stores. Everything from American Eagle to Aeropostale. And just about nothing else. Of those 40 shops, a few are places in a food court, which seem to be often changing. There's a picture place, 2 bookstores... a Radio Shack - and that's it. Beyond the big dept store chains (Sears, JCPenny, Carson Pierre Scott, and Marshall Fields) there's really only specialty clothing stores and a couple random shops. (I think there's a dollar store too...)

There used to be 2 music stores and a movie store. There used to be a disney store. The disney store has become another clothing store. All these things are changing into clothing stores. What kind of mall is it in a town with only one music store that doens't sell any music?

I never really understood how crappy my mall was though, until I went to woodfield today.

Woodfield Mall, in Schaumburg IL. This is the third largest mall in the world, and the first biggest by actual shopping space.

It was incredible. It was huge. It was fantastic. It was clean, and neat, and had sculptures. Places that in our mall would just be a stand had a gigantic store. It's nearby a theater that has 2 FLOORS! The lady gave us our tickets and said "Theater 12 upstairs". I said to Sarah "I think she's confused." I didn't know they MADE two story theater!

We wandered around, and I just kind of marvelled. it was all so big, and so... big. And clean and fancy and special and everything.

It was amazing. Very fun.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention that I say Die another day? that's why we went, c-18 wasn't playing it anymore, and I hate randall. So we went to woodfield. I love the theater. They sell FUNNEL CAKES. Funnel Cakes at a theater. That's right. Incredible.

So this is what real life is like.