January 7th, 2003


Bed time

I've been made a co-maintainer of syn_promo! This makes me feel kind of cool - it doesn't give me any power or any real say in most things, but being a maintainer of an official community just feels cool.

However, this means that I now have a more direct way to modify some things about the community, most notably the userinfo. I can change the feed listings without having to deal with crappy email problems, which is always nice.

I did lots of killing time stuff today. I cleaned my closet, went through all my spirals from school, went through all my cds looking for an office XP cd. I sorted a few more albums and put them on my new 120 gig hard drive so it's not empty. I eventually went to the post office and blockbuster. While I was at blockbuster I bought The Last Castle and spent the afternoon watching it. I love that movie.

I went over to Sarah's in the evening after dinner. We played mario sunshine. I wasn't really feeling so great, so I was just kind of blah most of the time. But we got a few more levels and shine sprites. We're getting close to 70 now.

Next week is going to be really boring, when everyone is back at school and I'll be stuck in this town. It'll obviously mean lots of Sarah time, but even that ends up getting repetitive. Right now I'm still happy with it though - I like just hanging out with her, having someone there to cuddle with.

I'm tired, I should have gone to bed an hour ago, and I think I'm actually going to go now.

Hopelessly in love

Is it a bad thing to be hopelessly in love?

I fall asleep every night wishing she was there with me. Wishing that I could see her smile one last time before I close my eyes for the night. I wish that I could have her there, be able to look into her eyes just before I fall asleep and say "I love you" again.

I dream about her. Nothing big, just... sweet. I just dream that she was there, or that we were out doing something together. I dream about being with her. About going to a movie and sitting there next to her, with that goofy grin I get on my face when I'm with her.

When I make food with her, it makes me smile. Just being in the kitchen with her, helping her get things (we usually cook at her house, so I just grab the utensils for her ;)), it makes me happy imagining that's what things might be like in the future.

I wake up thinking of her. I lent her my shirt for a few days and just got it back - I hugged it all night. Yes, that sounds stupid I'm sure, but I did. I laid there all night wishing that she was in that shirt, so I could be laying down next to her instead. Just looking into those big pretty eyes. She has the most gorgeous eyes... big brown eyes that look so... deep. I lose myself in her eyes sometimes. Most of the world probably doesn't see them - she wears glasses that she doesn't take off very often, so hardly anyone actually sees those big pretty eyes.

I love when she giggles. I love hearing her laugh, whether it be at me or something else. I love how ticklish she is. I love how she'll curl up in a ball when I do tickle her.

I love laying next to her, cuddling. I love how cute she is.

I love so many different things about her that I can't even list them all. I love her, the whole package. I love being with her, I love seeing her, I love her.

The question is - is it bad to be so hopelessly in love?

Happy Birthday to beginning (yesterday, sorry Ashley, I had already posted too much ;) ) and to e121nc4mp05