November 14th, 2002


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I got an A on my cs173 exam! Granted, there may still be grades going in which will adjust the score down, but right now I'm getting a better score than 86% of the class -which is just barely sneaking by with an A! Hooray!

For the few of you who still don't know, CS173 is a computer science "theory" course that I'm takne. CS theory, apparently means math. HARD math. At least for me. Proofs, number theory, set theory, recursion and etc. I've never been very good at proofs, and this class is very good at proving that to me. I was very worrired about the exam going on, but coming out i was very happy - everyone was complaining, and I felt good on it. Very enjoyable. I like that feeling :) So, I got an A on it. Happy Happy happy!

Alright. that's out of my system. Now it's time to go fall asleep in that class ;)

*muah* easy day today, so i should be around a lot. Catchya'll later.
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RSI/Muscle Strain

My arm is really hurting me, starting last night. I'm still holding off hope that it might just be leftover/residual effect from carrying all the food i bought at meijer back - but I'm beginning to think so less and less. It seems to become more prominent whenever I write (noticed it while taking notes in class) and it's showing up while I'm working on my calc homework. On the plus side, nothing seems to be wrong with my hands yet. I'm definitely staying away from support until this goes away completely though, and trying to do as little typing as little. So, If i'm not around online and you want to get a hold of me - try calling.

It just makes me want to cry - I love being on the computer, and because of that, my arm has decided that it wants to hate me. I didn't do anything! i've been so much better with ergonomics lately, and it doesn't help. When it started hurting again in CS this morning, I almost started crying.

Please just let it be because i carried the groceries. It was a lot of food/ beverages. Please let that be it. I couldn't take pain every time I tried to type or do something - I just couldn't. It's...

I want Sarah to be here. She could make me feel better. She always can.
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