October 30th, 2002


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I have a picture sitting on my clock of Sarah and I at homecoming. I love this picture. It seems so much more like us than the prom picture that's right next to it. And looking at it just brings tears to my eyes, knowing that I won't see for another 3.5 weeks. I miss her. She means everything to me... I just want to go home.

Sarh is cute, sweet, nice... She's mature, smart, friendly... She's shy but still willing to do just about anything with me (like meeting people, stop being so sick!). She'd never been to a dance before, and she was perfectly willing to go to prom with me. She's just so amazing. I look at this picture and it reminds me of how happy she makes me... and, ironically, it makes me sad.

Life doesn't suck. I actually enjoy being here a fair amount, I like meeting new people and doing new things...

But I think, through it all, as great as all this is, I'm still happiest when Sarah is at my side.

I love her. I really do.
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