October 21st, 2002


Fandom Filter

Poll #69443 Fandom Filter

I am a member of several Harry Potter communities. Frequently, I post chats and other information that is uterrly irrelevant, but occasionally funny to some people. Would you like to included in a filter for this type of material?

Yes! I love to hear random tidbits from AIM chats!
No way. Keep your crap off my Friends page
Please, let me know more about these topics so I can make an informed decision.

Funny Comments

For those of you who really hate reading through old histories, that's fine. But one post I would highly recommend is my prom entry (mostly for the comments):

Prom, 2002. Btw, for those few of you who still don't know (got a comment just the other day asking), Sarah/salleok is my girlfriend of 6 months.