October 18th, 2002


Start of my challenge for memta

Challenge 31: 07.31.02

"The HP characters have managed to get their hands on twelve crates of
beer. Ron has the genius idea that they play a little game
called "I've Never." For those of you who don't know this game, it's
a drinking game. One person, Harry, for example, starts. He has to
say "I've never." and complete the sentence. He might say something
like.. "I've never been locked outside in my underwear." All players
who HAVE done it have to drink from their cup/bottle/whatever. It can
be a sip or the whole bottle; it doesn't matter.

The fic must include:
- someone saying "Uffda!" "Uffda" is kind of like the Norwegian form
of "oy vey."
- a penguin
- an orange muffin
- Draco. Drunk.
- someone has to wear a combination of stripes and plaid
- random food items being used in nontraditional ways
- must be in .txt format, funny, original... You people know the

At the end of exams, Hogwarts students have extreme freedom. They are encouraged to be outside and to enjoy themselves after what all the teachers know is considered to be "Hell." This freedom of movement and action does not limit itself to the daytime hours. After dark falls, the older students have some freedom as well, enough to get out past curfew.
On this night, there was a reason to be out past curfew. Ron had found 12 full cases of MGD on the border of the Forbidden Forest. Ron had often been called the "goody two shoes" of the Weasly family, espcecially when compared to his twin brothers Fred and George. Upon his discovery of the miraculous find, Ron decided he would let his wild side out for a bit. He had invited a bunch of people out that night, to demonstrate his ability to "have a party" and "break the rules" as his brothers were always advising him.
No sooner had night fallen than a gathering started to form. Harry was worried about Ron getting himself in trouble, and had come to act as back up to his friend if it became neccesary.

This is how we do it...

It's friday night and i feel all right...
the party is here on the west side.
So i reach for my 40 and i turn it up.
designated driver takes the keys to my truck.
hit the shore cause i'm jaded, honey's in the street sayin monty yo we made it.


I used to love that song. I would sing it every Friday on the bus on the way home from high school... I never partied much (read: at all) in high school, and that hasn't changed here.

It is Friday night, 10pm... and i'm looking at 2 options.

I haven't decided which I'm going to do yet. I will soon.

I miss Sarah.