October 9th, 2002


Photo... or chem?

Hmmm, skipped chem to develop film. but most of the pictures came out, and i didn't grab the wrong roll of film, and the film didn't be pink again... so i'm happy. Now i've developed 3 rolls... there's a couple pictures on the last one that i really like. There's this one i have that i took in the parking garage - all it is is a close up shot that says "level 2" - but i like it a lot, and it came out. it's so contrasty and stuff... i wanna make an 8x10 out of it ;)

Sarah's got NSML tonight, so i'm going to try and do some laundry. I need to pick up some negative sleeves today too, which i'm going to do in about 30 minutes when she leaves for the meet.

I think this is gonna be so cool...

I wanna see how some of these photos turned out.
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