September 27th, 2002


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For those of you who demanded to know what's going on...

Sarah wasn't talking to me.
She wanted me to go away and never come back.
Never wanted to talk to me again.
Wanted me to leave her alone.
So, I left her alone.

Amy talked to her. pointed out to her why she was going out with me in the first place.

Sarah relented.
let me talk to her again.

things are fine now.
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Prom Rules

you are a senior in highschool. 18 years old. And Sarah well, you may have noticed that she is a freshman. and freshman... well, they tend to be more innocent in the ways of dating. I have to warn you for the sake of your life not to push her in any way to do anything she doesn't want to.
You are not allowed to
1. Touch anywhere on her front side below the neck (arms not included)
2. Touch anything below the waist on her backside(feet not included)
3. Use the tongue in any kisses
4. let her have any alcoholic beverages
5. let her be around anyone who has consumed numerous alcoholic beverages
6. let her be around anyone smoking or doing drugs
7. or anyone who has been smoking or doing drugs within a 2 hour vicinity of when you picked her up
You yourself may NOT take part in any drinking or taking of drugs
No smoking, No groping, No going off and leaving her alone whilst you talk amongst your friends. No going off and leaving her period (except to use the bathroom or to get her some punch, which is not allowed if spiked) No spilling of anything on the dress. You must acknowledge that she is not world renowned for her dancing and if she is tired of dancing allow her to sit. No looking down the front of her dress however tempted you may be. Keep swear words to a minimum. Comments on clothing, hair and make-up are limited to positive only. Remember to be polite. CLEAN OUT YOUR CAR BEFOREHAND. Keep breathmints handy.
Remember to say how happy you are she decided to go with you, and also how nice she looks((must repeat the latter several times throughout the night)). Any possible kiss shall be her first so try and make it special. But don't try and plan it, cuz then it'll suck. When you're leaving for prom: open her door for her. make sure to bring some tissues just in case of disaster. try not to be stiff in the photo, and since I have a feeling she will betry to loosen her up for it so it looks nice. and not so incredibly forced and posed.
no odd skipping when in tux. don't walk too fast. she'll have some trouble keeping up. remember this is one of her first times wearing heels she might be a bit wobbly. perhaps offer your arm
overall: Just be a gentleman. think of her before yourself and have fun."
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BTW, tara sent that ,way back when.
Oh, and for those who are interested, i put up some older entries from my blog. so if you never read the stuff at, read it now (back in april/may of 2k2)