September 4th, 2002


College update

Alright, i haven't done a seriously big update in here... well, ever.

So, let's take it from the top.

Moved into college on August 23rd. I arrived first, moved in, etc. Family was really great. Dave said he wants to live in a dorm room. To tell the truth, i really like it. I kind of wish i had more drawer space, but hey, that's part of life. What i should do is move the nintendo games from the bottom drawer into a crate and put them in the closet... wwo, i jsut thought of that, and it's a really great idea. right now they're taking up a huge part of my drawer space for books and stuff, and that would help a lot. It took a while to get the carpet in... we had to move everything out, tilt the bed and everything. then my dad walked in, and said we needed to mvoe it. ;) We didn't, just cut it a little instead. it works out really well... it's a pretty blue carpet he got for cheap at home depot (80 bucks) and it covers really well. I take up a majority of the space in the room, i think... There's two sides to the room. Each has a desk at one end and a closet at the other. I have the side which the bunk beds aren't on. instead, i have the fridge, microwave, dressers, and stereo (which i have hooked up to my computer, which is really cool sounding, especially when watching movies). But, i feel like i really take over the space because i have all the stuff on my side, and he just has the beds. but my computer wouldn't fit on the other side except under the desk, and then i couldn't push the chair in. so, that's just the way it is. He hasn't complained. it's very standard though. And boring... anyway. it's a cozy room, i like my comforter, i like the colors, i like my blue star, i like having a desk right by the window so i get the fan and the view... i like everything about it. Serg and i are both very easygoing (although he does have people over rather late at night) and he's pretty friendly.
So, after we got all moved in, family went out to lunch on green street (the main drag in town). We ate, came back, they left, i said my goodbyes, came back and got on the computer right away. i kind of teared up, but no one really cried. i missed home, but being away was still very new. anyway, for the most part that day i just kind of said hi to people as they walked in and sat in the room listening to music. Sergio showed up around 4:30 or so, dropped off his stuff. We did orientation stuff that night, and watched movies and all... I was tired, and i slept a lot that weekend. It was a long weekend of boring orientation stuff, but i met a lot of people. Jenna leving, and erin somebody in room 133 are two very cool people, and the list goes on. I set up my ftp with my mp3s, and now i'm serving video, mp3s and more to people on campus. It was a very lonely weekend until sunday around noon, when i went over and helped danny move in. Since then about the only really sad parts have been when sarah has been really depressed. I started classes on wednesday the 28th (my 4 month-aversary with sarah) and didn't get to talk to her at all almost all week. I called her for the first time on friday, after 3 days of classes. classes were horribly boring the first week. Interesting facts:
My calc teacher is from australia and talks with a very british accent
my CS 173 class is the calculus of logic
my chem class is going to suck my ass...
long weekends are good excuses to get drunk.
to name a few. Went to quad day on the tuesday before school started, and got info on a ton of clubs. actually had 3 meetings tonight - Academic buzzer team (scholastic bowl. "Well my mom says i'm cool"), Climbing Illini (very cool looking if i can hook up with someone who has a car) and Outdoor adventure club (fun organizers, we'll see how it works out). I'm really looking forward to being involved. classes are starting to get harder, but nothing i can't handle. Chem 101 and 105 are both going to kill me though. *sigh*

Anyway... on monday morning (early) sarah figured out why she's been depressed. basically, she's always been independant, now she's become attached to me and no longer independant. thus, she was sad because she had lost that free feeling. " I don't like the idea that there's some *one* out there that makes me happy" and since then, she's been getting happier and happier - not that i'm gone, but that she's doing okay without me, she's more sure that we can do this, etc.

I miss her a lot. A LOT. But i can live without her. I think :) Only a few more weeks... ;) well, it's really 4 weeks and 3 days, but still. I can deal with that. She can think about me without being sad, and that's a good thing. and i always see that bracelet on my wrist, the one she made for me. and it reminds me of her every time. i trace it lovingly... i play with it almost as much as i did my ring.

In conclusion, i cna't write a valuable LJ entry to save my life, i love sarah, we're both happy, and school is going well. it's going to bite soon enough... but it's still going well right now.

Luv ya'll. leave comments.
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And sergio just keeps dragging that cute girl back to my room at all hours of the day (she just walked in :))
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