August 6th, 2002


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I think that if i block everyone, i should still be able to tlak to people. i mean, it's MY choice to send them messages. So what if they can't send any back?

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* sui_generis_ is listening to: Prince - 'Pussy Control' [5mins 59secs @ 128kbps // Joint Stereo]
*crschmidt> i wish i had some pussy control.
*crschmidt> minus the control

The Rest of the Week

Work Today from 10-4:30. Hopefully see sarah at some point.
Great America tomorrow.
Work 11-6 Thursday
Friday 3-7
Go to decatur with sarah on saturday and sunday.

I'm looking forward to coming back with lots of stories on sunday. If I know melissa and sarah, i will

*sigh* 2 weeks, 3 days. I can't do it.
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Work Today...

Standing in line, bagging groceries.
There is a vehicle outside the store this week, filled with rubber duckies. You guess how many are in there (1984 is my guess) and if you get it right or close you win the car.
A lady sees the car parked next to the store. Asks why it's there. Comedy ensues.

Customer: "Hey, why is that car there?"
Me: "Well, it's filled with ducks. What you do is look at the car, see how many ducks are in it, and fill out an entry form and you can win the car. It's related to the duck race they're doing in elgin in a few weeks."
C: *concerned look* "But... aren't they hot?"

She didn't realize they were rubber duckies. I mean, i didn't say it... but real ducks? in a car?