August 4th, 2002


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Hmmm... to share my new interesting tidbit or not? I think not. sarah might get upset. ;)
METMA knows. if you're in metma, and you don't, i'm sorry. maybe i'll post some sort of chat later. but i think biz got in trouble for my earlier one already.
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IM Log Rankings

Since July 11th, the top 5 people I talked to are...

Sarah - 1399 kb
Tara - 923 KB
Erin - 477 KB
Tara (other screen name) - 100 kb
derek - 91 kb
Abe - 86 kb
Tara (other screen name) - 78 kb

Biggest Chats -
Chat Room METMA with Extra Ketchup II - 746 kb
Chat Room Emettay - 437kb
Chat Room Mettie Fun - 422kb

All are html format, which is bigger than text.
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