July 28th, 2002


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I was camping in Virginia this past week, for those who didn't know. Our caravan of people included 6 persons, including myself. My father, the driver of our vehicle, my mother, the navigator of the vehicle, my two brothers, David (16) and Tony (14), myself (18) and my girlfriend Sarah (15). Sarah arrived at our house at 12-12:15 on the 19th, with a duffel bag and a small backpack. We finished our packing preperations, including loading the van to it's final weight of about 400 pounds over what it should be. It was quite a sight - 4 bikes in a rack on the back of the van, one on top, as well as the biggest luggage case made by yakima on the room. the seating was tight, with 6 people in a 7 person van. Luggage and gear was packed everywhere. There was no space in the vehicle to move, stretch, anything. We finally got on the road around 1:30 after completing all preperations, and promptly ran into friday afternoon rush hour traffic. In attempting to head south east, we only travelled approxmiatly 25 miles in the first hour. After that traffic thinned and we started to make some good time. On the first night, we stayed in southeast sector of indiana, in an econolodge in a small town called seymour. Clean rooms, though small. Had pizza for dinner. Watched star trek with sarah. Went to bed. And that's day one.
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As the tears fall from my eyes...
I wonder why it is that I cry
I never thought that this could be...
that you could lose your trust in me.

We said forever in solemn tones
the forever we would call our own.
And yet, at the end of a restless week,
my face, my heart, my soul are meek.

I do not know what you seek,
I do not know on which tall peak,
the magic that once lived inside
has now decided to run and hide.

You were my everything, and you are still
And yet I sit as if waiting to be killed.
I gave you all I had, it's true.
What I've got, I still give to you.

I do not know why this happened now
I do not know how, how HOW!
The love that once did live inside
could curl up, shrivel and die.

Without you, I am nothing.
Without me, you may be the same.
It's not my ego that says this you see...
It's my heart that is to blame.

I hope you see that I’m truthful,
that I can tell no lies.
Because everything going on inside me
shows itself through my eyes.

Sarah, I don't know what else I can say. I want to make it all better, but I know that's not possible. I can only hope not to make it any worse than I already have.
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Day 2 of Vacation

More travel. Up at 6:30 to be on the road by 7:15ish. Start in indiana, went through kentucky, west virginia, and to virginia to our campground. Long trip, got there around 4pm. Nana (my grandmother), mike and renee (uncle and aunt) and renee's parents, mame and john, were already there. Went over, set up our site, creating a home for ourselves for the next 6 days. Had chicken burritos for dinner. Sarah was really bored the first day, we don't do much more than set up. We wandered around the site some, blah blah blah, went to bed around 10 or 10:30.
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Day 3 of Vacation

On Sunday, we had french toast for breakfast. We then prepared to go hiking, making lunches and whatnot and stuff. We packed our BLT's all up, then got on the road. Nana was coming in the car with us (7 people in an Aerostar, woo), and mary and pat (aunt and uncle) and their two kids (sara and drew, ages 5 and 2) were driving in their own car. The hike was about 30 miles away. On the way, mary and pat pull up alongside our car and shout to let us know they forgot their lunches at the campsite. So, we had to stop at a gas station on the way there to pick up some lunch stuff.
We got to the hike, after making two wrong turns and driving a mile down a one lane gravel road. Ate lunch in the parking lot, since by that time it was 12:30. We began the hike, a 2 mile affair to a waterfall. We were walking quite a ways, and we found a pool that we thought was it. Stopped, swam in REALLY cold water, then realized the waterfall was just up the hill. a very cool waterfall - 20 feet tall, etc. I'll try to get some pics up soon.
Anyway, we (sarah, dave, tony and i) all climbed on up to the top of the waterfall. After watching a couple locals jump into the (apparently) deep water from the 20 foot cliff, dave did the same. I followed, then tony, then, after a bit of hesitation and being walked over without glasses, sarah. Very thrilling.
Walked back. Sarah and I got there first. sat around, ate some snacks, then trundled back home. That was all the excitement for that day, as far as i remember. Of course, this was a week ago already, so who knows.
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