April 5th, 2002


so, yeah, like, huh? 4/5/2002

I'm not going to prom.
K is.
The prombear is going in the trash. She doesnt' want it.
Z is a big dumbass.
I'm an even bigger one for thinking that she might think about being around me.
I hate people.

I wanted to go to prom.
I still do
i won't be
or post prom
or any other high school related activity over the next 2 months
including graduation
i'm in a bad mood. i'm sorry
she doesn't want to talk to me.
i dont' know why, except because of Z
Why am i a loser?
strange people iming me at 11:30 at night is a bad thing
it's even worse when your own dreams are telling you "you did the wrong thing"
i'm a dick

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