December 6th, 2001


too late 12/6/2001

Man, i have so much computer shit i need to get done. i finally caught up on everyones OD's. Kara, susie, carrie, sam, etc. It's been a good couple days. spanish - new seats, i sit next to new girl erin cook now, which makes me happy. however, both erin and blair have an empty seat by them. it's hard every day to choose because i've adored blair forever, i think she's amazaing, both as a person and physically - but erin just has a charisma that seems to draw me in. I don't know exactly what it is, and it's obvious none of ya'll will know what i'm talking about, if any of you even know WHO i'm talking about. Worked tuesday night, for kalynn because she's having a bad week right now... between family, college, school, cheerleading... lets just say that things could be a lot better for her, i wanted some xmas money, and it worked out fine. scholastic bowl meet today - we were close to bartletts score, lakepark tripled our score. becca was devastated, cause that's her old school. Poor becca.; Oh well for her. I don't know, sometimes, i like being around her. but she's a bit... i don't even know what i'm trying to say, but she annoys me to death sometimes. oh, i think everyone in our spanish class hates our teacher. Even megan does i think :-) But, i just sit back with erin and make fun of her all day. i still think blair thinks i'm kidding when i tell her how much i like her - but she says she could tell i have a thing for erin. explain that to me? She doesn't recognize guys who liker her, but she can spot me clinigin to erin a mile away? nuts. oh, saw the one acts. good good, very funny. i liked aria de capo, i'm (really and truly) still thinking about it. It's a very interesting script, one that was performed very well, i'm kind of sad that chris and josh didn't get more praise for it, becasue it was done very well, and it was nice to have that break from laughter. dree's just cracked me up the whole time though. Demo as an actor - the image doesn't work, but it does anyway. The fight scene was great. um... what else.... No english homework 2 nights in a row, great stuff there. gotta do some frankenstein shit sometime this weekend, no clue when. damn that class :-) but not as much as spanish, which is run by the devil and belongs to her as well. anyway, it's midnight, i have 3 cd's to burn (happy birthday bens!) and i need some sleep! faretheewell, kiddies!-crs