October 21st, 2001


Why did i do this to myself? 10/29/2001

Can anyone explain to me why i took 4 ap classes this year? why couldn't i just enjoy the senior slide? why did i have to try and be better than everyone else? i'm NOT better than everyone else, why would i try and prove that i am?. eh. i hate school, especially right now, it just sucks. quarter ends 10/31/01, and i have so much shit that isn't gonna be good for grades.. it's not even funny. I'm really tired right now too. I am turningi n my 2 weeks notice on thursday though, so i'm happy about htat. that way i can watch the harry potter preview then i won't have to work there ever again if need be. alright, i'm outta things to write. back to killing time until the clock strikes 10... -Chris

Ah, look at all the lonely people 10/21/2001

Ah, look at all the lonely people....

eleanor rigby picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been...

lives in a dream

waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door...

who was it for?

I love that song. everytime i hear it, i love it more. i don't know, maybe i'm just weird, but it kind of affects me, even though i have no clue what it's talking about :-). Worked today, and yesterday, even though i wasn't supposed to yesterday. Kaylnn wasn't feeling good, and so i took her spot in box for 3 hours yesterday. today, i worked open -6 in box. it was fun, despite that fact that big alex had like a nervous breakdown in there for some reason... really weird. if it weren't for randy, i would continue working there if i got the assurance that i could continue to work box most of the time. plus, i get to work with people i know, and with brittany (aka spears). Kaylnn nicole and i decided that if randy is still here on the harry potter weekend, we're all quitting. That would fulfill randy's statement to me - "you're screwed". take that, a-hole. man, i really don't like that guy. "This is randy" - hey, take this jack to the face, ass. ok, enough venting about randy. Anyway, i saw bandits saturday night. by myself, because no one else wanted to see it with me. it's a really good movie. very funny, especially the end. i like the way they told it from an after the fact viewpoint too. I want to see training day sometime this week. it looks really good, and i want to see how it ends up. Maybe i'll just go before work sometime - it starts at 3:50.... i had a pretty boring weekend. i'm gonna get out of here. gotta do some scanning/reprinting for kaylnn. :-) Night all!