September 24th, 2001


Stuff at work, stuff everywhere 9/24/2001

Holy flirking shnit, batman. I have a date to homecoming :-) I decided to ask Jessie. It seems like we're gonna have a great time. I need to make dinner reservations and get our group together still, but i think it's gonna be awesome. I haven't stopped smiling all week :-). I'm tired of having a bad time at homecoming, and i think that i'm gonna have a really good time this year. Senior Year BABY!!! Asked for the whole week off from work... I'm getting my hair cut on thursday!!! No more shaggy chris!! I'm really excited about that too. I don't have a clue what it's gonna be like, but it won't be as annoying/troublesome as it is now, which is all i want. I hate the long hair, it's just too much work to deal with all the time. Also, senior pictures on next monday... That should be cool. Classes are going ok - 4 ap classes this year (Physics, Spanish, Calc BC, and EnglisH) and it's really hard. But i'm keeping up to a certain extent. I'm crazy happy about all this stuff going on. and being a SENIOR!!!

More stuff - on friday, we kicked norths ass in football (28-7) although they did score. We didn't play well, but it was fun. My voice is still totally gone. Tried to sing a couple times and decided i should give up. I couldnt' hit anything above an A, and i can usually hit an E :-). But it's cool. Market is going up today, finally. Up 323 right now. That should be a good thing, cause we don't want the US economy to kick the bucket right now. English AP is kicking my ass. However, the paper i wrote has been complimented by a lot of people in our class, so i think maybe i did ok. Econ is fun, mr. Haymond is hilarious. I feel bad for some of the people in there, who really are struggling to keep up. I hate it when i don't have trouble with something and others do - i feel like a dipshit cause it's easy and they don't think it is. I suppose there's nothing i can do about it, but i've been trying to help a couple of the people. I'm not a good teacher, but if you know stuff, at least you can answer questions. Lots of really nice people in that class too, so it's fun. On to more recent stuff...

I got stuck in an elevator last night. AN ELEVATOR. at work. While at foxfield last night, i was told to go help clean up the new theater we're moving to. After Mike Mayotte and I were working for a while, we took a break and went to look for our manager. after we couldn't find him, we went upstairs to look around for him. We just explored up there for a while and then we decided to go back and see if we could find him. When coming back down we took the elevator down. It got stuck about 5 feet from the top (just stopped), and we had to push the button that calls the fire department. The fire department then came and knocked so our manager would let them in. No one we work with even knew we were missing for 15 minutes. We were in there for about 25 minutes total, after the fire deparment came and let us out. If Don and Jodi and Kelly had left 10 minutes earlier, the fire department would have had a lot more trouble getting in, cause everything was locked up. Luckily, he didn't, and the FD let us out and everything. It was a pretty scary thing though.

I think this is my biggest entry ever, so i'm just gonna cut it off here. I hope you guys don't mind me just blabbing and blabbgin, but my fingers were wide awake today. Hope to talk to ya'll soon! -Chris

continued... 9/24/2001

SCUBA Lessons are over! all i have left to do now is my certification dives this weekend.
It's a huge weight off my back. However, school is still happening, which is a bigger weight :-)

I'm also in the tricycle race for the small games! I get to ride a 2 ft high tricycle down and back across the gym... That's gonna rock. SENIOR POWER! Class of 2002 forever! I think that's all i've got to say right now. Besides the fact that i'm even more excited about getting a haircut after having my hair get all crapped up at the pool tonight while scubaing. A new haircut for a new workplace - the day i get my haircut is the day that we all start working at the mall... I'm excited about that too! Working at the mall is gonna be fun, cause 1. lots of people work there, and 2. i can go and buy a pair of pants or a cd or something on my break. that's gonna be so cool. course, with 18 theaters, it's gonna be crazy, but that's life. Anyway, i think i should go make sure i don't have any homework. I'll see ya'll later. -Senior Power Chris