July 20th, 2001


Early morning... 7/20/2001

Ah, 1.34 in the morning. It's cool in my room - mother made me turn on the air in my room. I've been trying to get the girl i like to realize i like her online tonight - it's not really working :-( Ah well, i'll just have to skip the online route, and carve a way straight to her heart in real life. That always works, right? Well, i'm tired of being a dork - i'm taking an active role in advancing my social life this year. So, i just gotta get her alone, and get to realize that goddamnit, i don't want another friend. I got enough of those! I want a frickin girlfriend already! i mean, i know kids 3 years younger than me getting 10 times as much play as i'm getting. Grrr.... Anyway - I start work in 10 hours. Shit! i start work in 10 hours! i've got to get some sleep, before my first day at Foxfield Movie Theater. "Free refills on both of those. Thank you and enjoy the show!" Blah blah :-) it's better than the manual labor i had to do at osco though, i think. We'll see.