May 12th, 2001


AP TESTS OVER!! 5/12/2001

No more AP tests. Do you understand what that means? it means i'm FREE! No more work for the rest of the year! Calc and History were ok, but the free response sections all sucked. I'm getting confirmed tomorrow, basically that takes my afternoon away. But it is kinda cool... becoming an adult in that aspect at least... Parents grounded me because i refused to go up into my room and clean it because it was already clean. Course, i didn't tell them that... so i'm grounded from driving for a week. New story by cole lohman is up at - it's about how you used to be able to make money melting dimes. Anyway, my brain hurts, i should probly go to bed. Mother's Day is tomorrow - make sure you wish your mother happy mothers day. Night everyone!