Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

We made it to ND just fine. I'm here, typing away on the desktop computer in the corner, with the two people with laptops sharing the couch ;)

We left my house, after dinner with the family, around 8:30pm. We drove straight through, averaging around 80 mph through most of minnesota and ND, and got here around 6:30 in the morning. Sat around conversing for an hour or so, then headed down to the basement to crash for some more sleep.

Woke up around 2:30, and came up here. Got us all set up with the internet, and we've been doing some minor plogs hacking. It's much nicer to work in the same room than online, expecially when I've just gotten off dialup.

I've downloaded mIRC and putty, and am set for the next 24 hours (which is around when we'll be leaving for seattle). Don't know how long that drive is going to take us.

Mark has the coolest thing ever - a really neat GPS device that tells you everything from current speed to elevation.

Called the family to let them know I am here. I am here. You all know now as well.

Mark and Janine have really nifty laptops. THey almost make me want to buy a laptop. Then I realize that I'm doing this trip. and have no money leftover for laptop purchasing :)

I forgot to turn in my timecard and fob to work. (my last day of work was cancelled due to a database downtime).

Mark drove first shift, I then drove from 11pm to 1am, let mark drive from 1 to 3, janine took over for about an hour, then I took the last shift from 4-6:30.

WHEE. Mark and janine rock, they're both really fun. Can't wait to get to seattle and meet ascii and karl. we're leaving tomorrow sometime - we're thinking about just leaving at night to avoid traffic. Not sure yet.

MWAH. Thanks for all the comments. Ya'll rock.
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