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i have clothes, stereo, cds, spirals, bed stuff. computer stuff will get packed later. have phone, answering machine. shower shoes, working on shower stuff, and towels. Have my medications packed up in a bag. i don't really have much school stuff. i've got folders and spirals, but not a whole lot else i need.

What am I missing? Tellll me.

Note: this is packing for college. I've got what I need for the seattle trip.

Regarding teh seattle trip: I have grumpy packed. I don't need books, because i'm going to have a computer to play with, hopefully (mark's laptop). i have a pillow. We're buying snacks en route.

Regarding college: I have my window fan packed, and i'll be packing the other fan when i get back from the trip. I have socks and underwear. the alarm clock is on the list of things to pack after the trip as well. Pills and medications are packed - anything else, i'm less than a block from the health center, so i can go over there. I 'll be buying food and utensils when i get back.

Poll #158466 pack for me.

What do I need to pack?

More stuff to pack!


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