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This is the best blonde joke I've ever seen. Evar.

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OMG! u r teh sux0rs!!

Actually, I just saw that on friendsfriends. It took me two clicks. ^_^


OKay, so I only clicked two but....still...:P

I figured it out after two clicks, but I think I kept clicking until I got a 404... I wanted to see if there was an actual end to the damn thing.

I'm curious how many clicks it would actually take.

I went through 22, before I hit a 404.

You . . . went . . . through . . . 22.

/me kisses you.

I still love you.

But . . . I'm teasing you about this for months. :)


That site has great 3d-Desktops. Go to the gallaries page.


God i so feel like the fat kid in dodge ball right now.... The taunting will never end. But this is kinda funny. Oh you dont know me do you. Well my name is Christine. I still need something cleaver to say, any clues?


best blonde joke ever is:

what does a blonde see when she wakes up in the morning and l ooks between her legs?

ever seen inside a toasted cheese sandwich?

i'll leave you to think about that one

hey you don't know me... i looked at one of your styles (crschmidt-lastn-76081) in the style browser and i really liked it. would you mind if i used it on my journal? i would credit you of course. thanks.

In reality, the style isn't mine: it's something that i worked on for http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=76081 (which she never commented back on).

However, the style was taken from a public style, and is therefore free to take as you wish. Thanks for the comment!

Cool! Thank you. I will enjoy it.

One question, though: how do I move it over to the right (or centered) instead of on the left as it is? Thanks.

What joke, I dont see a joke anywhere?

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