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So you want to be a carnival worker...

During mid-june, I was scheduled to work for Swedish Days festival under the Geneva Chamber of Commerce. WIth the Schneider job taking up my evenings, it was looking like I'd be working approximately 14 hours a day.

That was just too damn much.

So, my brother was still jobless. I figured I'd offer to him to get a job. I introduced him to the Geneva people and told them that I wasn't going to be available, but this fine upstanding young man would be. They accepted my offer, and he began working for them.

I was a gopher when I worked for Geneva, a job I didn't really think Dave was well suited for. Instead, he got put on the task of working the "power sports" area - a rock climbing wall and a trampoline with bungee cords that little kids could bounce on. This is an attraction that follows numerous festivals around the country, and sets up camp for a couple of days while they're there.

Some of you might recognize this type of life style. Here in America, some of us might call it a "carnie" lifestyle.

That's right, my brother is a carnie. He has been for the past few weeks, and right now he's on a 10 day stint in Michigan. He's going through a summer of being out, on his own, with other people, indepandant. He's out and about for months. He's spending most of the summer away from home.

So, that's the story of my brother the carnie. Any questions?

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