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Where are you going?

Where do you go.

On Monday, July 21st, I will be departing St. Charles, IL and leaving for parts far far away.

Mark Smith, xb95 was looking to make a trip to Seattle. Driving was giong to be a cheaper trip than attempting to fly, however, with only two people (himself and janinedog) driving was going to take too much time to make it worthwhile.

Knowing that I would be interested in possibly doing a trip east, Mark mentioned to me that he was planning this trip, and asked me if I might be interested. He was going to be in Buffalo for the "Geek-a-Thon" (correction by janine - Dork-a-Thon. Same difference :P) for a couple days before, but would then come back to Chicago, pick me up, and drive back east.

I, of course, was wholeheartedly behind it. Not only would I get to meet all the amazing people on the West Coast, I'd also be able to make it back to the East Coast and see all the people I wanted to out there, not the least of which being my girlfriend (she lives in Manchester, New Hampshire).

After working out a few details, I put together a nice hardcopy text file with them to give to my parents, and let them have some time to think about it. After a few days, both my mother and father agreed that I could go.

So, I'll be in Seattle in just over two weeks.

On Monday, July 21st, Mark and Janine will arrive here late in the evening, around 10pm. I will then take the first shift driving, navigating us out to I-90, and striking out West. We will be following 90 up to 94, and taking that west across most of the states, including driving through North Dakota, Montana, northern Idaho, and making it to Seattle. The plan is to drive pretty much straight through - switching off drivers as neccesary - and make it to seattle in approximately 2 days.

Once we get there, we'll be staying with supersat and asciident (no. I didn't just type asciilissa, what are you talking about?). We'll be spending about 6 or 7 days there, enjoying sights and hopefully seeing a lot of people. After that, we'll be heading back east, stopping at Mark's parents house in North Dakota for a day or so. We'll then leave and do the 24 hour drive back to Worcester, Mass.

Soon after that, Jess will either come down and pick up up and take me up to Manchester, or I'll hang out with Mark for an extra day and we'll go up and he can hang out with his friends up there. (I'm a bit off on what's going on with that yet.)

I'll then spend a week with Jess. We'll be meeting some people - meeting up with chemicallace in boston on the way down to meeting ratkrycek in Providence, hopefully picking up ursamajor on the way and possibly meeting up with hill_the_khore somewhere in there.

Anyone who is near Seattle around the 23rd-30th, or in the New Hampshire/Boston area from the 3rd/4th to the 10th or 11th, let me know and maybe we can hook something up. I'll be working on limited transportation - depending on other people's vehicles - but I should have at least some free time.

After that, my grandma will be picking me up from Jess's and dragging me down to go camping with my family for a week in upstate New York.

I will be returning on August 17th, only to depart for school on the 19th.

This is why I'm so rushed lately ;)

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all knwo what was up.
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