Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Trip + Todo list

Todo List:

Household chores (today):
Buy bleach and eggs (aldi)
Bring up the socks
Hang up the clothes in the dryer
Do another load of laundry
Empty the dishwasher

My Chores (today):
Clean my room
Start my driving logbook
Take that big pile of stuff and make sure you need it all

Things that need to be done:
Jess-Kam slash
damnitnicole's S2 style
kamara's S2 style
Cell Phone

Plogs Work:
Write talkread and style support and documentation for Trackback (lookie lookie: !!)
Convert /friends/ to /watchlog/ (tried on goathack to no avail thus far)

I didn't raelly get enough sleep, but I got woken up by a need for inhaler and couldn't get back to sleep. I may take a nap this afternoon. That might be nice.

This post outlines some of the basic tasks I have on my plate for the near future. In the long run, I have to be packed for a month long trip - 2 weeks from here to seattle and back to worcester, then another week with Jess, then another week camping with the family.

Oh, also need to email nana.

It's dark and cloudy and moody out and I like it. I talked to fracturedfaerie this weekend and saw Finding Nemo with her. I ate lunch with non-lj-user Blair Stilling yesterday, and hung out at work with luxtiger, who doesn't know the pain of real long distance. :P

I swam a lot this weekend because it was SO DAMN HOT outside. Having a pool in your backyard is nifty.

In 1wk 6days 12hrs 41mins 10secs, Mark will be here and I will need to be packed and ready to go, not only on a 3 week vaccation but also to school - we get back 2 days before I leave for school.

I never did write a post about my trip. add that to the todo list.
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