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Trip + Todo list
Todo List:

Household chores (today):
Buy bleach and eggs (aldi)
Bring up the socks
Hang up the clothes in the dryer
Do another load of laundry
Empty the dishwasher

My Chores (today):
Clean my room
Start my driving logbook
Take that big pile of stuff and make sure you need it all

Things that need to be done:
Jess-Kam slash
damnitnicole's S2 style
kamara's S2 style
Cell Phone

Plogs Work:
Write talkread and style support and documentation for Trackback (lookie lookie: http://plogs.queech.com/tbpings.bml?journal=xb95&itemid=166281 !!)
Convert /friends/ to /watchlog/ (tried on goathack to no avail thus far)

I didn't raelly get enough sleep, but I got woken up by a need for inhaler and couldn't get back to sleep. I may take a nap this afternoon. That might be nice.

This post outlines some of the basic tasks I have on my plate for the near future. In the long run, I have to be packed for a month long trip - 2 weeks from here to seattle and back to worcester, then another week with Jess, then another week camping with the family.

Oh, also need to email nana.

It's dark and cloudy and moody out and I like it. I talked to fracturedfaerie this weekend and saw Finding Nemo with her. I ate lunch with non-lj-user Blair Stilling yesterday, and hung out at work with luxtiger, who doesn't know the pain of real long distance. :P

I swam a lot this weekend because it was SO DAMN HOT outside. Having a pool in your backyard is nifty.

In 1wk 6days 12hrs 41mins 10secs, Mark will be here and I will need to be packed and ready to go, not only on a 3 week vaccation but also to school - we get back 2 days before I leave for school.

I never did write a post about my trip. add that to the todo list.

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Pools are nifty, but hot tubs are the shit.

When it's 95 degrees, muggy, and sunny, I don't give a shit about no hot tub. I want a pool, plain and simple.

Now, for other promiscuious activities, hot tubs are the shit - which is why I keep close tabs on my friend who has one ;)


Hi, I don't have a live journal. Well not yet anyways. Which is why I wanted to ask you if I could have one of your codes...pretty please? Is Finding Nemo a good movie. E-mail me back at megbaby421@hotmail.com
Have an awesome day,

Well hi there Meg!

I'm glad to see that you did at least read my journal. Some peopld don't even bother to read the entry they're commenting on. It's incredible, really.

Back in July, I didn't have a LiveJournal either. All my friends had them, but no one had codes they wanted to share. So, I decided to do the smart thing and buy an account.

Did you know that buying a LiveJournal account not only gets you your own journal (invite code independance!), it also gets you a lot of extra features, AND it lets you give out codes to your friends!

They start as low as $5 bucks for two months here. If that's too expensive for you, you might want to try getting off the computer, going out, and getting a job. Hell, just cutting the lawn'll get ya $5 most of the time ;)

You can buy one from http://www.livejournal.com/paidaccounts/ . Good luck!

Oh, and if you think this is mean, you should have seen what I did to the last person who asked for codes in my journal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/crschmidt/192283.html#cutid1 .

You're so mean. I love you.

Meg . . . if you think he's mean, you should see what *I* say to people who annoy me. I do barter invite codes more easily than Chris, though.

Generally, all you have to do are kinky sexual favors (doing this via Webcam is fine, as long as I can make the URL public for my friends to record and share on file sharing networks), send me haiku poetry that doesn't suck and talks about my goddess status ("Kyle, haiku is a form of Japanese poetry and is totally stupid." -- Mr. Garrison), and send me presents of strong drink. Black Bush costs $71.00 at this site.

However . . . $71.00 would also buy you 2 years, 10 months, and 2 days of paid LiveJournal account time. It would seem far more convenient to do this than to publicly debase yourself in the journal of someone you don't know.

If you do, though, you can e-mail me and let me know the cam feed. I'll be waiting.

You amuse me greatly. That is all.

I aim to please, ma'am.

I'm more free with my invite codes than Chris is. I won't tell you how to get one, but if you check my profile, you might be able to find out. Happy hunting.

Is it wrong that I'm really amused by the above comment? heh, yay c0eds. nobody ever takes my invite code challenge anymore.

It sounds like you're pretty busy. Being productive is fun. Woot.

Less busy than know I have to get shit done, or I'm royally fucked ;) This whole trip has been coming together really friggin fast, and now I'm like... shit. What took me 3 weeks to get ready last time (packing for school) I have two weeks to get ready - plus LOTS of other stuff.

So, yeah. I'm spending too much time on the computer still ;)

*snerks at coed comment person*
I'm waiting for someone to ask me for one so I can link them to my post from yesterday.

Or maybe I'll just mock them a bit.
Either way... Moo.

Yay pointless comment.

:P to you and your pool and your annoyance at my inability to not have real long distance since I have a car and a 3-hour drive and parents that don't care what I do.

Hey... if I'm going to see him or not see him, I'll see him. :P :P :P

Grrrr. Stupid people and their stupid being happy. Pfft.

Stupid people, no. Stupid happiness, maybe. Stupidly happy? Definitely... I think I've reached the point of retardation. Maybe that's not from the happiness, though... it might just be the excessive amounts of time spent talking to Chris at work... or maybe just the drugs. Yeah, I think I'll go with the drugs.

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