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[irc] cruft

[11:19:53] <rho> what i personally think would be a nifty thing (thiugh not nearly nifty enough for me to actually even think about working on it, even if i knew how) would be a single user version of lviejournal. really heavily stripped down, just a basic install, and then simple "blogging"
[11:20:51] <chris> problem with that, rho, is that other sites already do that - and do it way better. MovableType, for example.
[11:22:07] <rho> chris: yeh. but i figure that you could do much the same sort of thing with the lj code, and it would be nifty. not entirely useful, but nifty
[11:22:51] <chris> Yeah, there's a helluva lot of cruft you'd have to kill though.
[11:23:10] <mendel> It'd probably be easier to begin from scratch, use BML, and duplicate the UI in your new program.
[11:23:11] <jessica> cruft?

[11:23:21] <mendel> Cruft.
[11:23:22] <chris> cruft.
[11:23:26] <rahaeli> cruft.
[11:23:29] <mendel> cruft.
[11:23:33] <rho> cruft.
[11:23:36] <rahaeli> cruft.
[11:23:39] <chris> cruft
[11:23:39] <mendel> cruft!
[11:23:42] <jessica> cruft?
[11:23:44] <rahaeli> cruft?
[11:23:45] <rho> cruft
[11:23:46] <chris> cruft!
[11:23:50] <jessica> cruft.
[11:23:55] <mendel> ¡cruft!
[11:23:56] <rho> *cruft*
[11:23:59] <chris> ¿cruft?
[11:24:01] <rahaeli> cruft!
[11:24:03] <mendel> cruft.
[11:24:07] <chris> cruft!
[11:24:13] <rahaeli> *c*r*u*f*t*
[11:24:21] <jessica> C.R.U.F.T.
[11:24:26] <chris> crüft
[11:24:29] <mendel> __ _
[11:24:30] <mendel> ___ _ __ _ _ / _| |_
[11:24:30] <mendel> / __| '__| | | | |_| __|
[11:24:30] <mendel> | (__| | | |_| | _| |_
[11:24:30] <mendel> \___|_| \__,_|_| \__|
[11:24:30] <mendel>
[11:24:33] <rho> <|?|_||=7
[11:24:49] <chris> cruft?
[11:25:17] <rahaeli> uftcray.
[11:25:23] <jessica> old mcdonald had a farm, C-R-U-F-T
[11:25:23] <rho> yes. that's about the ammount of cruft that would need removing

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