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Post for vered
it's hot as hell in my room.

I just started this entry in Semagic-P, because it looks almost exactly like Semagic - just a slightly different colored icon. That's silly.

My dad called and woke me so I could give someone who was stopping by a dvd drive so that they could take it to him.


As a results of my poll, I have added the following interests to my interest list:

not having this interest, worshiping cocco, Biz, femmeslash, answers to questions, questions to answer, kamara, me an an interest, plzdiekthx, stuff, spratt. Poll results at http://www.livejournal.com/poll/?id=152344&qid=1&mode=ans, so you can tell who suggested what.

it's windy and really hot out. I'm wearing new pants - they are gray. Meijer has decidedly few skirts available. I don't know what I'm supposed to buy my dad for his birthday on the fourth - my mom suggested something, but I don't know what size he wears.

I like these pants. I should take a picture, but i'm lazy.

Vered, I'll get those pictures up before I leave for work today. Most of them were crap - too dark, blurry, whatever - but i'll stick them in some webspace somewhere.

And I just found out that I can go on my roadtrip :) More about that today or tomorrow. To summarize - Chicago to Seattle to North Dakota to Worcester, Mass to Manchester, NH.

Fun :)

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eeee i won the interest lottery. yay :) i might add "not having this interest" myself, if i have room.

I liked turning it around. I like doing weird plays on words, and that just fell into place really well.

I still have your questions sitting around waiting to be answered. sometime ;)

Word play is fun. :) Don't feel rushed with the questions, I know I was pretty late in getting them to you. :) Be well, Chris.

Meijer has decidedly few skirts available. I don't know what I'm supposed to buy my dad for his birthday on the fourth

are you planning on buying your dad a skirt for his birthday? hmmmm

No, no, the skirt was for me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. They had really cute fleecy pants that I thought were a skirt at first - they would have been great, but they ended up to be pants.

I was just hoping to pick something up in a place where I could run through a u-check-it line, rather than trying to make excuses. but i guess that's just not going to work.

*cackles manically*

Is the skirt for yourself or your dad? Watch out. Flowy skirts and computer chairs don't mix. Try running over/stepping on your skirt 25000 times/day.

I added you btw.

Nah, the skirt was for me. I don't generally sit down in them (the one time i wore one) - they're fun to lounge about in though.

I also don't plan on wearing it all day.

I noticed you added me. To be honest, I was kind of surprised, but in that pleasant melty way. You're added back. Welcome.

(Deleted comment)
Me too. I've been to or through 37 states (this will add at least 1 to the list - i've never been to anywhere on the west coast.

We used to do two week camping trips every summer. We'd drive everywhere - I saw the rocky mountains when i was 6 months old.

I love travel. It's going to rock ;)

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