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Post for vered
it's hot as hell in my room.

I just started this entry in Semagic-P, because it looks almost exactly like Semagic - just a slightly different colored icon. That's silly.

My dad called and woke me so I could give someone who was stopping by a dvd drive so that they could take it to him.


As a results of my poll, I have added the following interests to my interest list:

not having this interest, worshiping cocco, Biz, femmeslash, answers to questions, questions to answer, kamara, me an an interest, plzdiekthx, stuff, spratt. Poll results at, so you can tell who suggested what.

it's windy and really hot out. I'm wearing new pants - they are gray. Meijer has decidedly few skirts available. I don't know what I'm supposed to buy my dad for his birthday on the fourth - my mom suggested something, but I don't know what size he wears.

I like these pants. I should take a picture, but i'm lazy.

Vered, I'll get those pictures up before I leave for work today. Most of them were crap - too dark, blurry, whatever - but i'll stick them in some webspace somewhere.

And I just found out that I can go on my roadtrip :) More about that today or tomorrow. To summarize - Chicago to Seattle to North Dakota to Worcester, Mass to Manchester, NH.

Fun :)

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eeee i won the interest lottery. yay :) i might add "not having this interest" myself, if i have room.

I liked turning it around. I like doing weird plays on words, and that just fell into place really well.

I still have your questions sitting around waiting to be answered. sometime ;)

Word play is fun. :) Don't feel rushed with the questions, I know I was pretty late in getting them to you. :) Be well, Chris.

Meijer has decidedly few skirts available. I don't know what I'm supposed to buy my dad for his birthday on the fourth

are you planning on buying your dad a skirt for his birthday? hmmmm

No, no, the skirt was for me. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything. They had really cute fleecy pants that I thought were a skirt at first - they would have been great, but they ended up to be pants.

I was just hoping to pick something up in a place where I could run through a u-check-it line, rather than trying to make excuses. but i guess that's just not going to work.

*cackles manically*

Is the skirt for yourself or your dad? Watch out. Flowy skirts and computer chairs don't mix. Try running over/stepping on your skirt 25000 times/day.

I added you btw.

Nah, the skirt was for me. I don't generally sit down in them (the one time i wore one) - they're fun to lounge about in though.

I also don't plan on wearing it all day.

I noticed you added me. To be honest, I was kind of surprised, but in that pleasant melty way. You're added back. Welcome.

(Deleted comment)
Me too. I've been to or through 37 states (this will add at least 1 to the list - i've never been to anywhere on the west coast.

We used to do two week camping trips every summer. We'd drive everywhere - I saw the rocky mountains when i was 6 months old.

I love travel. It's going to rock ;)

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