Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Interests list

So, I've redone my interests list. Here is the new list, sorted by category. If you have anything you think I should add, there's a poll at the bottom.

Geeky photo stuff:
3d graphics, digital photography, photoshop,

Jessica stuff
Chicago, jessica, sex on the beach, looking at jess, phone sex, sex in strange places, cybersex, tongue piercings, post-orgasmic glow

LJ/Plogs Hacking
perl, plogs,, coding, hacking, Code Red Mountain Dew, o'reilly's, mysql, insulting brad, bml, cvs,

college/school stuff
uiuc, computer science, university of illinois, urbana, urbana-champaign, champign urbana, calculus, acm, college

home life
suburban living, st. charles, starbucks, Arcada, bakers square, pie, drive-in movies,

online stuff
AIM, IRC, friends page, watchlog, mp3s, divx, music, movies, blubster, nes, nesticle, nintendo, super mario brothers, quotes database

sunrise, watching the sunrise, looking at the stars, roses,

dave matthews band, buena vista social club, pi, crazy/beautiful, american beauty, moulin rouge, haiku tunnel, ocean's 11, pink floyd, daria

teasing gay males

outdoor activity
scuba diving, mountain biking, driving fast cars, driving fast cars fast, roller coasters, six flags, great america, six flags great america, raging bull, rock climbing,

space, stars, astronomy, astrology, stargazing, telescopes

memeing out lj interests, ?lang?, uploading the pig,

jessical, syddle, erinmiran,

Poll #152344 interests

Give me an interest to add. Or more.

For reference, here's the old list:
/me, 3d graphics, 3d rendering, ?lang?, anime, astronomy, before these crowded streets, biking, blubster, bml, buena vista social club, c++, cadillacs, calculus, camping, canoeing, coding, college, computer networking, computer programming, computer science, computers, crazy/beautiful, css, cvs, daria, distributed computing, distributed networking, doom, dreaming tree, dvds, eiffel 65, erinmiran, femmeslash, final fantasy, fps, girls, grand theft auto, great america, haiku tunnel, harry potter, html, iconning, james bond, javascript, jessica, listener supported, live at red rocks, livejournal code, looking at chris, math, memeing out lj interests, metma, moulin rouge, mountain biking, mp3s, music, nes, nintendo, nsml, ocean's 11, office space, online friends, outdoors activities, paint shop pro, people logs, perl, photography, photoshop, pi, pink floyd, pink floyd's the wall, playstation, plog, plogs,, prom, ps2, reading, remember two things, revolutionary girl utena, rock climbing, roller coasters, sarah, scholastic bowl, seek up, seti, seti@home, sex on the beach, six flags, sleep, space, support, syddle, talking online, the matrix, the wall, theme parks, training day, uiuc, university of illinois, unreal tournament, uploading the pig, utena, video editing, video games, violent femmes' bass player, webcams, yuri

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