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Cocco+Kamara. My first semi-fic writing. PG-13 for mild innuendo? I don't rate these things much

Years of talking, communicating across a body of water that neither could cross. Dreaming of what might happen, what she would think.

All those years of wishing and dreaming were finally coming true. She was on her way. She had left, and was flying over that body of water. She would be there soon.

As cocco pushed her hair back from her face, she smiled nervously into the mirror. She knew that kamara must be just as nervous as her, bouncing in her squished airline seat as she flew across the Atlantic. She knew, rationally, that everything would be okay - they had been talking for years, hadn't they? never a dull moment between them. That wouldn't go away just because they met in real life.

Despite telling herself that, she couldn't stop her hands from shaking.

She knew kamara loved this outfit. The plaid skirt, just past the knees, showed off her legs nicely. The white shirt, tucked into the skirt all around, always got her stares in public. She wanted to make kamara happy, and this was the first way she could think of. As soon as she got off the plane, she could imagine kam's face lighting up in a grin at the outfit. She hadn't told her what she was wearing - she wanted it to be a surprise.

There would be more than one surprise that day.


Staring out the window distractedly, kamara could hardly sit still. They were landing soon, she could see land. She could see other airplanes, the airport that she would soon be at, running at cocco and giving her the hug she had been wanting for years. To finally be able to see her, to hear her voice, to have her be there... it was an amazing thought.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the speaker at the front of the cabin announced, "Please observe the 'Fasten seatbelts' sign, as we are beginning our descent to Logan airport. Thank you for flying the friendly skies, and welcome to the United States."

Kamara's breathing quickens a bit, as she realizes how close they are. What if cocco takes one look at her, and walks away without saying a word? What if she's not there? What if she gets lost? These people won't understand her... she was no scouser, but her accent was still thick.

Pushing these worries aside, kamara pulled out the picture she had brought. Just seeing it brought a smile to her face. She knew that everything would be alright, they would have fun, they would enjoy themselves. They had been talking online for ages online, nothing would be different. They would just be together.


Cocco scanned the crowd exiting the security gates, passing by her. She had to be here, she had gotten on the plane, she had to be here.

Suddenly, she saw her. The hair did it first... burgandy red dyed hair, flowing back behind her, steel blue eyes piercing the crowd, looking for her.

Taking a deep breath, cocco waved her hand and shouted. "Gem!"

Kamara turns, sees her, and starts into a fast walk, and breaks into a run. Getting to cocco, she wraps her arms around her in a tight hug and, for the first time, melts in someone else's arms.

Leaning back, they look into each others eyes and see the playfullness behind them. Realizing they're blocking a crowd of people, they giggle, say their hellos, and decide that moving on would be a good idea. They walk, hand in hand to the baggage claim, knowing that neither of them wants to leave behind kamara's things, as they may prove useful later.

As they stand waiting by the baggage claim, kamara glances around, sees that the area they're in is empty and wraps her arms around cocco. Stealthily, she whispers to cocco, "I've been wanting to do this for ages." Pulling her lips back from cocco's ear, she slowly presses them onto cocco's. Feeling no resistance, she slips her tongue past cocco's lips, and finds her first sign of resistance - a playful cocco blocking her way.

Giggling, kamara pulls back and smiles. Seeing another passanger walk up, she quickly kisses cocco's neck, and grabs her bag as it passes by, leaving her standing gaping for a minute. Quickly, cocco follows, directing kamara to where she's parked.

She doesn't want to waste any more time than she has to, before getting to a private place.

Happy canada day.

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