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about my girlfriend, for the most part.

Standing here... the old man said to me.

I'm really not ready to go to school. The thought of leaving sarah is tearing me apart. I've definatly decided that as much as possible i'm just going to go cold turkey. I can't give her up now. Spend lots of time with her now, not so much later. It may not be the smartest thing, but it's all i can bear. I mean, it's not like i can come running home the first weekend whether i want to or not.

She's so adorable. So cute, so huggable, so LOVEABLE! She's accepting, she's fun. She's indecisive, she's a trekkie (don't even bother arguing), and, the best part is... she's mine. My girl forever.

To those of you who say it won't work - fuck you. ;) To those who wish they had a relationship like this -you're damn right. Sarah is the best thing that ever happened to me. But I can't bear to say goodbye.

*sigh* It's not goodbye, it's "See ya later." *chants*

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