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Chicago post is slowly but surely coming along. I'm at about 10 o clock (starting at 6, probably ending around 8) and i'm at a full screen of notepad text.

This is going to be long.

Now, I'm going out to to woodfield to hang out with sheselectric and aabashenya. Taking the caddy, enjoying the weather. I'll have my phone (630-251-5932) so call if you like.

AmikoTorin: Hello ?
ChrisTheIllini: Can I help you?
AmikoTorin: hi i saw you on live journal and i was wondering if you still have your code :3
AmikoTorin: me adn some friends are doing a FF7 RP :3
ChrisTheIllini: my code?
ChrisTheIllini: depends which one you mean.
ChrisTheIllini: the one i get for one week? no. I gave that away 9 months ago.
ChrisTheIllini: er, 11.
ChrisTheIllini: (12 months in a year, goofy me)
AmikoTorin: lol
ChrisTheIllini: the 18 for paid account time?
ChrisTheIllini: hmm. probably given away most of those.
AmikoTorin: --;; ok thnax anyway
AmikoTorin: :#
AmikoTorin: :3*
AmikoTorin: o.o your a payed user?
ChrisTheIllini: The three for contributions? i don't think i've given those out.
ChrisTheIllini: but here's the kicker.
ChrisTheIllini: i have 52 codes for doing support.
ChrisTheIllini: i worked my ass off for them, and i don't know you from eve. you want codes, buy an account. if you cant afford five bucks, get off the damen computer and get a job.
ChrisTheIllini: Now, I'm going to go hang out with friends. Good luck, and have a nice day.

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That was mean. And hey, this journal style is kind of cool. ;-)

I was on my way out the door. I'm not usually that mean - although I am sometimes ;)

I'm glad you like it! The style itself is actually thieved from adcott, but I converted it to S2 (which is the style system that lets you do the reply and entry pages in it.)

I like it a lot, and I'm really glad I put the effort into it. It's been well worth it ;)

Geez, you are getting mea. ;)

But you know - she deserved it. Heh.

I like your new style and colors, too - neato!

(Still getting used to S2, though.)

ChrisTheIllini: i worked my ass off for them, and i don't know you from eve. you want codes, buy an account. if you cant afford five bucks, get off the damen computer and get a job.

I think I love you.

Oh yeah, I did anyway.


Can I have c0edz?

Baby, you can have anything that's mine to give.

And that's the truth.

/me smiles softly and kisses you.

I'll never ask for anything that's not good for you to give.


Including invite codes. Didn't you know I'm a major code whore?


*smites 'new people' phobia and hides under the bed*
I hope you had massloads of fun :>

but god CHRISTSS!!!!! I NEEDZ DA C0DEZ!!!!!1!??

you meanie! heehee, but it is fun to play with people like that. and i think it'd be funny if someone said that to eve...
"i dunno you from eve."
"i am eve..."

ok so i just amused myself greatly. oh, and what does the random punctuation in this line mean? AmikoTorin: --;; ok thnax anyway

Smiley face, kind of. Anime smilies began as something like ^_^ (eyes and a mouth). ;; are added as sweat drops (common on these shows): ^_^;; when you're worried about something ,but grining through it.

If you're upset at someone or something, you squint your eyes angrily. -_-, add sweat drops, -_-;;, then get lazy: --;;.


wow....i guess there is still so much i have to learn. heehee. :o)

i still like my little guy with the big nose that smiles and winks and gets mad and stuff...he's versatile enough. ;o) :o) :o* >:o(

small note: horiz scrollbar on this talkread (yeah i'm living in the past) page for 1024x768 in IE.

*nod* I'll look into it. It doesn't show up for me, regardless of size.

Do you get the same kind of scrollbar on xcolibur? sunnie said that's how it is for her.

Welcome home. i'm going to try comment on a bunch of stuff, but I'm so lazy, and i get sidetracked so easily...


i get so many horiz scrollbars in xcolibur :( i get them on the normal pages too. it's so annoying :(

i have a lot of comments to make too. also lazy.

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