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posting NOW
roy told me to post now.

I'm alive. my tongue is kinda sore though. no, scratch that. my tongue is really sore. there's also this strange spot on my neck from something or other. The sears tower is tall. the chicago police are less nosy than the st. charles police, the taste of chicago is in the way everywhere, and the el stops at the most inoppourtune times.

Quotes of the day? "Do you know every pressure point on girls?" "This isn't helping me to leave, you know." "you don't want me drunk." etc. etc.

More later, when I feel like writing it, rather than being ordered to.

Things to write about -

Train ride. L ride. (I found the L yay!) Meeting in the L station at Midway, snuggling on the way back, making out on the train platform, walking in the rain.

McDonalds, walking around, sears tower, weather clearing up, trying to take pictures (and failing?). walking down to the park, getting accosted by a crackhead on the way. seeing another crackhead in the park, walking around the taste setting up stuff. Settling in by Lake Shore Drive. Deciding that was too public and going somewhere else.

Walking around, talking about the future, getting subway.walking by the art museum, going back to the park where the crackhead was before. staying there for.. 2 hours ish? Taking the L back to midway. not being able to say goodbye. saying goodbye and riding the train back. Missing the 6:10 geneva train. getting home, getting to work, interrogation. home, interrogation. sleep (i dont' remember going, but i remember waking up.)

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Why is your tongue sore? Does it have anything to do with your being in love?

Yeah. The girl I'm in love with has a tongue piercing. and an overactive tongue.

I spent yesterday in chicago with jpallan. It was fun. ;)

I really will comment at you more seriously at some point. I'm just still exhausted.

(Deleted comment)
It was actually a barbell. So very very fun.

See, I've never kissed anyone with a tongue piercing, so I don't know, but what's fun about it? I'd think it'd more get in the way than anything else. It proves its worth in . . . :cough: other activities.

Tongues aren't all that interesting. They're a mess of muscle and skin and blah. They're fun for a while (we're not looking at works of art here, we're talking functionality) but... I mean, I've done a lot of kissing.

The fact that you had a new toy, combined with the fact that you have an incredible tongue, was very fun for me.

It's not just the barbell. Which is fun because it's something to push on and move around. It's the fact that you can move your tongue faster than a flag flapping on a windy day. And that's really what caused the soreness in the first place ;)

I'd seriously considered switching to my stainless steel barbell for the day -- it's shorter (half inch instead of five eighths) but also a lot heavier (I wear a titanium one at the moment). I can't find a titanium barbell in the right length for my tongue at a reasonable price, but if you enjoy messing about with it, then I need the extra eighth of an inch (or maybe even a quarter -- I've never tried a 3/8" stud). Remind me.

I can't say anything about my tongue strength, but all of my girlfriends have commented favorably on it. You want tongue strength, go to bi chicks, I guess. :)

(Deleted comment)
Hmm. We do seem to have a bit in common.

/me scrolls through your interests list.

  • We both drink alcohol.
  • We both have a twisted sense of humor.
  • We're both sarcastic.
  • Sexual positivity in general.
  • Libertarians.
  • Lesbians and presumably bisexuals.
  • Geeks.
  • We're both college students.
  • We may or may not be in the same major. Can't tell.
  • Planned Parenthood and pro-choice (though I'm on the opposite side of the fence from the childfree, I try to ally myself as much as a parent can).
  • Possibly piercing things. Do you have an ear project going?

/me clicks on http://www.livejournal.com/friends/add.bml?user=just_laura

Welcome, such that it is.

(Deleted comment)
6? I never realized that I suppose.

Is housewife an aspiration? I've always wanted to be a bum, but people tell me you can't aspire to be that. I'm not sure if I understand why not :)

Your description of your sexual preference is becoming more and more prevalant in my every day discussions. sarah_mascara is a "nicksexual" - she only wants sex with Nick. sincelastjuly has referred to herself in the same way with her boyfriend I think. It amuses me, mostly because I heard it from you first, and I like it ;)

Also, I'm really glad things have been looking up. I've been less than helpful, I"m sure, but if there is anything you need - well, youv'e been there for me, and I'd be happy to be there for you.

(Deleted comment)
Kooshy-rubber doesn't taste all that good though. I don't think that would be a good idea. I mean... at this point, her tongue wasn't doing anything other than kissing. So.

Yeah. At this point.

(Deleted comment)
Really? :P Seriously though, I don't know when I'm going to see her next. I hope to go out there on a trip this summer before school starts, but if that doesn't work out... it'll be months. Either way I suppose it will be. She lives in New Hampshire, I live in Illinois. And I though the distance sucked before...

By the way, mac-lady, how does my Reply/Entry page look on your mac?

I am laughing my ass off right now.

Not really. More like secretly sniggering.

I'm glad you had a good time and that you are alive.

I think coffeechica is heading in to the Taste of Chicago this weekend.

Do you remember about 10 years ago when the Taste was blown over by a tornado? I know you were only about 9 at the time, but you might remember.

I was trying to leave O'Hare airport that weekend to go to Boston for a family reunion. After my flight was delayed for about 6 hours. I got to follow the tornadoes to Detroit, where they delayed my flight until morning. I eventually made it to Rhode Island (where I was meeting family), only to find out that my sister, whose flight was supposed to land the previous night, wouldn't be in until that afternoon, again because of the tornadoes.

And thus continued the tragic tale of Stephanie's travel misadventures.

Nope-- I take it back. I don't know if coffeechica will be at the taste, but the person who mentioned it is not on your friends list and you wouldn't know her from Eve.

Oh dear, I've been talking to Biz too much and too long.

For a second there ... Well, if a person didn't read the other posts, they would think that too. Took me a minute to remember. Yeah. That's what I get for watching reruns of teenage angst drama things in the mornings.

*giggle* woo woo!

glad you guys had fun yesterday :D

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