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posting NOW

roy told me to post now.

I'm alive. my tongue is kinda sore though. no, scratch that. my tongue is really sore. there's also this strange spot on my neck from something or other. The sears tower is tall. the chicago police are less nosy than the st. charles police, the taste of chicago is in the way everywhere, and the el stops at the most inoppourtune times.

Quotes of the day? "Do you know every pressure point on girls?" "This isn't helping me to leave, you know." "you don't want me drunk." etc. etc.

More later, when I feel like writing it, rather than being ordered to.

Things to write about -

Train ride. L ride. (I found the L yay!) Meeting in the L station at Midway, snuggling on the way back, making out on the train platform, walking in the rain.

McDonalds, walking around, sears tower, weather clearing up, trying to take pictures (and failing?). walking down to the park, getting accosted by a crackhead on the way. seeing another crackhead in the park, walking around the taste setting up stuff. Settling in by Lake Shore Drive. Deciding that was too public and going somewhere else.

Walking around, talking about the future, getting subway.walking by the art museum, going back to the park where the crackhead was before. staying there for.. 2 hours ish? Taking the L back to midway. not being able to say goodbye. saying goodbye and riding the train back. Missing the 6:10 geneva train. getting home, getting to work, interrogation. home, interrogation. sleep (i dont' remember going, but i remember waking up.)
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