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I'm friggin exhausted.

jpallan is coming to Chicago on Thursday, and she's extended her layover to be an all day event in Chicago.

On Thursday, I will be not going to work, and I will be going to Chicago to meet her. Since her flight in gets in at 8:30 in the morning, I'm going to be needing to be up at 6:30 in the morning to get on the train by 7 in Geneva and meet her there.

Since when is there a 6:30 in the morning?

Yesterday (well, really today) I got off work at 3:30 in the morning. 3:30 in the friggin morning, I clocked out. This is because I need to work 40 hours this week, and I'm not really wanting to work late on wednesday, and as such, i need to work really late some other nights.

My schedule for this week, then, looks like this:
Monday, 4-3:30
Tuesday, 4-3:30
Wednesday 4-12:30
Thursday OFF IN CHICAGO MEET JESS 'splodey-ness
Friday - 4-2:30

I am employed by a temp agency, Remedy Staffing. I work through them at Schneider Logistics. Schneider logistics is a division of Schneider Trucking, for those of you who might have heard of them. They drive the big orange trucks ;)

What we do is pay shipping bills. When a customer comes to us, they provide us a list of requirements for us to type in, then they switch all their bills to be sent to us. So, for example, if I run "Joe Blow Tractor Company", and I ship tractor parts all over the country, I would have my shipping bills all get sent to Schneider Logistics. I would give them a list of things to type in. "Key in the BL number in this field, key in the company name in this field" etc. Someone keys these things in, they get checked a couple times over, then Schneider comes to Joe Blow and says 'Joe. We need xx dollars to pay your bills'. I give them money, they cut a check to the people who need it, then they give me, Joe Blow, information on the bills they typed on. Where they're going, where they're coming from, etc.

I work for the Logistics company, which has a dozen or more accounts like this. Microsoft, BASF, Honda... all kinds of companies. Specifically, I work under the Case New Holland client. Case ships tractors and tractor parts around the country and around the world. Generally, if you look at a semi-large construction site, you can see at least one Case bobcat, or some other piece of heavy excavation equipment. They also do a lot of farm equipment - when driving through Gibson City, Illinois, there is a large Case new holland distributor.

When I started work about 4 weeks ago, the Case bills were approximately 8 weeks behind. This meant that we were paying bills that had been recieved in mid april.

Schneider recieves approximately 3000 new bills PER DAY.

Two weeks ago, we sent out 70 million dollars in checks to various shipping companies, everything from Yellow to Overnite Express to Tri-Line Freight Express LP (based in canada) to Bax Global.

And that's way more information than you ever cared to know about shipping bills and third party billing.

Case is slowly getting caught up. Our major sticking point is the L source batches. Also, ACs are getting left behind because nobody likes keying them, and Amanda just dumped a shitload of HUGE AC batches off. I'm not going to pick up one of those things unless I'm forced by someone - they look pure evil.

At one point last night, we had all the batches to be allocated out of the box (none left). 2 or 3 half allocated batches went back in, but for the most part, all the allocating is caught up. Punching in the L batches is a different story, but I had those completely done about 3 days ago, so they can't be too far behind. SUs are decent, IN-As are down to one sleeve plus the hots. Hots are hot carriers - this week, it's Midstates, Yellow, Boring Transport, and a few others. They get priority entry into the system. A couple weeks ago, EVERYTHING was hot because we were so far behind. Now, the hots are almost at a decent date, and we're keeping almost caught up with them.

Jess is going to be here in 2 days SQUEE! I think I'm going to explode with the waiting, I think I'm going to die, I think I'm going to pass out. I'm not getting enough sleep but I'm so hyper it doesn't matter because omgwtflolbbqcentral.coM! - I've been hacking away on little things locally a lot, tryign to get back in the swing of thigns. I'm feeling totally out of it because right now most of the discussion is business-centric, a field in which I have no experience, basically. However, I'm going to continue hacking away on some of my projects, including the ability to purchase sponsored comms. I need to get back into all that, and I'm going to :P I'm just having lots of real life and work stuff that's keeping me from doing stuff.

I have no music attention span. I've listened to approximately 80 million songs while writing this post.

I can't wait until thursday. I'm going to be zonked at the end, but it will all be worth it. To see Jess in real life, to meet the girl that I've been talking to online and on the phone for the last two weeks constantly... I just can't wait.

syddle, I hope our phone call helped clear up how I feel on some things. pie_is_good, I'm sure you'll have a great time in England (and equally sure you wont' see this for about 3 weeks).

jpallan - I love you. Plain and simple.

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