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Happy birthday to juniperesque!

I'll be heading down to her symposium in Champaign. 4pm leaving, getting there around 6:30, staying over night, heading back up here around 10 am tomorrow.

Hopefully hooking up with musicbox1983 for at least a little bit. I have cell numbers for her. and room numbers. I'm looking to meet up with her at busey and take her over to vered's.

I'll be crashing at Vered's, probably, then coming back up tomorrow morning.

syddle, you can call and leave a number at 630-251-5931. Otherwise, I'll call the number I called a few mornings ago.

If anyone else wants to call, you can leave me messages and stuff. I think I start paying roaming charges outside a certain range, but I'm going to have a phone and a long distance drive ahead of me. I'll offer to pay my parents back any roaming charges I rack up ;) Yay for having money, and a job!

Whee fun!

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